The T-Dex Portable Magnetic T-Dex® File Panel
Adds T-card capacity to any steel whiteboard

It clings anywhere on the board or hangs on the wall and comes with 5x3" T-Cards in 10
colors. Top Quality steel - enclosed back. 3 Sizes to display on 2, 3 or 4 foot high boards.

Product Code: MTK

H x W: 46" x 4"  #MTK54 - $189

It's fast and easy to add T-Cards to any of our steel whiteboards with one of these magnet-backed portable files. Our magnetic whiteboards are a wonderful way to visibly share information 24-7 with your associates, but each item displayed on your board probably has a good bit of detailed deep-data behind it which your whiteboard my not have room to visibly display for instant reading.

Well here's good news! With these portable magnetic T-Dex panels displayed on or next to your whiteboard you can post all your details on visible 5x3-5/8" T-Cards that hold up to 30 square inches of data for each item. The visible T-card top uses only 1/2" x 4" of space to display the card title. Just lift the card up in the card-file slot to read it.

Even better, you can take the file to your desk to read and update it and then instantly re-display it. It will cling magnetically to any part of your magnetic whiteboard or you can hang it separately on the wall next to or near the board. It will save a lot of time answering questions for everyone who consults your whiteboard system.

If you would like one of our experienced design specialists to help you select the right board kit for your requirement, Please Contact us or call us at 800 624 4154 (8-6, M-F, Eastern Time). No obligation. Our 49th year.

Ships in 3 business days or less!

The Portable Magnetic T-Dex® File Magnet-backed
T-Card File Panel kits with T-Cards & Signals

hxw 1/2" Spaced
File Slots
Fits and clings
to steel
With T-Cards*
File Only
22"x 4" 26 2' high SELECT
34"x 4" 50 3' high SELECT
46"x 4" 74 4' high SELECT

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