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VisuGlass® WhiteWalls®
Magnetic Glass Whiteboard Walls

Nothing is more stunning or grabs more attention than a full wall of bright white magnetic glass whiteboard. If you want to grab attention, inspire creativity and collaboration, display information, and add striking style to your conference room, hallway, or office. Our magnetic glass whiteboard walls are a perfect fit.

If you want to grab even more attention, make a statement with one of our 10 unique colors or have your custom design printed across multiple panels.

Our magnetic glass whiteboard walls are only made with the highest quality materials. We use only the clearest low-lead glass on the market, which produces a bright white that you don’t see with other glass boards. This extra clear glass also makes custom and color prints pop off the wall.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to one of our system specialist at: sales@magnatag.com or call us at 800-624-4154

We have a large assortment of GlassGrip® accessories for any glass board. Our unique GlassGrip® solution utilizes micro suction cup technology which allows us to offer traditional whiteboard magnets for use on glass whiteboards. We have letters, numbers, cardholders and much more. Check out our GlassGrip® Supplies

Our Magnetic glass whiteboard walls are easy to install with standard hand tools. Two people can easily install multiple panels in minutes. Our proprietary hanging system allows for micro adjustment so your magnetic glass whiteboard wall fits perfectly.

Our unique hidden pen and eraser holder is conveniently placed behind the board where it’s out-of-the-way. The hidden pen and eraser holder can be easily installed anywhere you’d like. Each order comes with an aluminum billet eraser and 4 dry-erase markers. This holder can also accommodate our Liquid chalk markers.

Many glass boards on the market have a higher lead and iron content which gives the glass a green hue. Our low-lead, low-iron glass requires a higher level of craftsmanship to work at the high temperatures necessary to produce our crystal clear glass board.

Colored Glass Walls

Choose from one of our 10 standard colors at no extra charge.

If you choose a darker color, we recommend that you also purchase our Bright Liquid Chalk Markers.

Custom Printed Glass WhiteWalls

Our magnetic print glass whiteboard walls can accommodate any design in full color at hi-resolution. We can print your diagram, map, artwork pattern, or graphs across multiple panels. If you need help with your design, we have whiteboard design specialist on staff that can help you develop the perfect print.

Micro Adjustment Standoff Mounting Brackets

Walls are not always flat. Most walls require micro-adjustment to make sure that your panels match perfectly and sit flat. Our micro-adjustment brackets are easy to install and easy to use. With just a simple twist of a screw you can raise and lower each corner of the board to make sure it matches perfectly with the next panel. For bowed or concave walls, simply loosen the screw and slip the necessary number of shims behind the bracket.

Specs and Architectural Resources

For additional information,quantity discounts and or help with specking our glass into a project. Please contact one of our system specialists at specialties@magnatag.com

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