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OverView® Printed Glass Whiteboard Planning Calendars

It's 4 Planning Calendars in one: for both long and short-range views of your time.

One of our most versatile visual planners. With this system, you can quickly and efficiently plan, update, and communicate actions and events. Organize, display, and manage in detail your plans, scheduled tasks, suspense dates, and time commitments with a different visual time focus on each. The OverView® Planner is one of the planning systems we use every day in our own offices.

Fast and Easy to use: Write on the board and use GlassGrip accessories to post information. To make changes, simply erase or move the cardholders. It comes with everything needed to operate it, including write on supplies, calendar date sets and hanging hardware. With optional Glassgrip cardholders and card inserts you can color-code events (50 combinations). Use Glassgrip status signals in 10 colors for additional codes. Choose between frameless and framed board styles at no extra charge. It also includes a FREE customized board heading when you order on line.

If you would like some help from one of our experienced design specialists, please contact us or call us at 800 624 4154 or email us at sales@magnatag.com
At NO extra cost, Using our Design-it Editing tool, you can personalize titles and headers on your board. To access the tool look for the symbol before adding the item to your cart
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The printed lines and board headings on the VisuGlass® OverView® Planning Calendar are permanently printed into the crystal clear, premium glass. It will stay like new for a lifetime of daily use.
All boards include complete sets of GlassGrip® months, dates ahd holidays*. Peel up and reposition them at month end.
GlassGrip® cardholders* in 3 sizes and 5 colors with card inserts to match in 10 colors. Use cardholder colors to group similar event types (yellow = meeting, etc). 6 more colors available. Card insert color can code class of event (green = sales, white = marketing, etc).

Download your card-keying templates here.
Dry-erase pens in 4 colors to write anywhere on the glass board.
GlassGrip® circle signals* in 10 colors to flag attention and indicate event status: red = mandatory, blue = equipment needed, etc or your codes.
At no extra cost, you can create your own permanently printed headings on the OverView® Planning Calendar or leave them blank. Select the board # in the price list and follow the "modify board" instructions.
*GlassGrip® is a honeycomb-like acrylic foam with thousands of tiny micro-suction cups. It clings tight to the glass surface until peeled up to move. It is not an adhesive ahd leaves no residue.
Schedule 90 Days in the three month calendar section. Day spaces are 6" h x 2-1/2"w
Stage events planned for upcoming months in the Month section at the bottom of the board, then move them into 90 day section with your monthly updates. Each space is 3-1/4"h x 4"w
Here is your long-range planning section for events coming up in the next calendar year. 1"h x 5-1/4"w spaces.
Use the 31 row Notes section to post reminders for specific days of the moth or general notes. The board also includes a large open white space for posting reports, general company notes, etc.

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Capacities, sizes and options
h x w
With GlassGrip® &
Dry-Erase Tools
With Dry-Erase Tools
& GlassGrip® Date Sets
4' x 6'SELECT