Production Rate Chart Magnetic Dry-erase Whiteboard system Kits

Hourly rate chart tracks and compares actual and accumulated yields against goals and lets
workers post production problem notes. 3 board sizes for 1, 2 or 3 charts on 8 and 12 hour cycles

Product Code: PRA

H x W: 2' x 3'  #PRA123T - $329

With this system you visually track your actual production yield as it accumulates hour by hour through an 8 or 12 hour cycle and compare it against your accumulated target rate, with plenty of space for notes and run-analysis. For example, if your production target rate for a specified part calls for 75 units to be produced per hour, the target will show that 300 should have been produced by the end of the 4th hour.

Production managers tell us productivity information at the cell or machine level, in addition to larger plant-wide board systems, motivates individual workers by personalizing the productivity of each machine and its operators. By posting the actual and accumulated hourly yield figure next to the target rate you can immediately spot any slowdown situations in time to take corrective action on the floor and also gives you the actual figures to determine achievable production target rates.

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The Hourly Production Rate Chart
Magnetic Whiteboard System Kits

h x w
Charts Price Each (all alike) with
Dry-erase Tools
One2 - 45 - 910 - 2425 +
8 Hour Cycles
2' x 3' 1 $329$320$309$299$290 SELECT#PRA123T
4' x 3' 2 $439$426$412$399$387 SELECT#PRA243T
4' x 6' 3 $719$697$676$654$634 SELECT#PRA346T
12 Hour Cycles
2' x 3' 1 $329$320$309$299$290 SELECT#PRA123T-12
4' x 3' 2 $439$426$412$399$387 SELECT#PRA243T-12
4' x 6' 3 $719$697$676$654$634 SELECT#PRA346T-12

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