Next-Job Board Kanban CardView® System

Start production when build-cards reach the yellow row. The red row tells you it's
late and to build immediately. 6 Sizes: 12 to 36 pocket rows. Display 60 to 828 cards

Product Code: KB-NJ

H x W: 2' x 3'  #KB-NJ23 - $299

Place the build-card on this Next-Job board under the part No., filling it from the bottom. Start production when build-cards reach the yellow row. The red row tells you it's late and to build immediately.

Includes 3x4" cards in 17 colors, supplied 6-up in perforated letter size sheets compatible with desktop printers, yellow and red pocket edge tape for designating your own row colors for each assembly column and FlashSpot adhesive dot labels in 5 colors give you extra status codes. The full width pockets are 2" deep, spaced to allow the top 1" of the card to be visible with the rest of the card concealed. Insert the cards in any position and slide them sideways if needed. Durable, top quality, built for every day use. The pockets are permanently fastened mechanically to the board, framed by a rugged, satin aluminum truss frame with strong impact-resistant radius corners and hidden wall hangers. One of our most popular board systems.

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They are simple and effective for visual load leveling. We have them in our supply areas as well as each work cell. With the boards we always know which job we need to work on next … no time is wasted, we are always working the top priority order.

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Lexington, KY

The Next-Job Board Kanban CardView® System

h x w Rows 4" w Cards
per row
Card Display
Price Each (all alike)
One2 - 45 - 910 - 2425 +
18" x 24" 12 5 60 $229$223$215$209$201 SELECT#KB-NJ82
2' x 3' 17 8 136 $299$291$280$272$264 SELECT#KB-NJ23
3' x 4' 27 11 297 $459$445$431$417$405 SELECT#KB-NJ34
4' x 4' 36 11 396 $609$590$573$554$537 SELECT#KB-NJ44
4' x 6' 36 17 612 $779$755$733$708$686 SELECT#KB-NJ46
4' x 8' 36 23 828 $999$969$939$908$878 SELECT#KB-NJ48

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