ThermoChart Magnetic dry-erase Whiteboard system kits

Everyone "gets the picture" when you dramatize your numbers with fast and accurate Magnetic
ThermoCharts 5 board Sizes with 1 to 4 thermometers. Includes die-cut degree-printed "mercury" magnets

Product Code: TCH

H x W: 3' x 4'   #TCH334M - $619

For really effective communication impact, a clearly focused and universally recognized visual image is all-powerful. A thermometer guarantees your message will be quickly absorbed by all viewers. Add it to any of the whiteboard systems to summarize and dramatize your numbers.

Letter your own titles, thermometer scale values and headings with the kit's die-cut adhesive numbers and letters. The heat-fused printed thermometers have a tiny 100 degree scale you can modify with the numbers and letters to the scale values you want.

It's Fast and Easy to update: You can quickly stack the Mercury-Magnets in the printed thermometer to show any degree from 1 to 100 using 5 or less magnets (3 is average). Each Mercury-Magnet segment is die-cut to scale and printed with a tiny degree-number for fast, accurate selection and updating! Kits include a mercury selection chart which specifies which Mercury-Magnets to stack for each degree reading. Includes a set of 14 Mercury-Magnets for each thermometer in 3 or 4 colors.

If you would like one of our experienced design specialists to help you select the right whiteboard kit for your requirement, or would like to consider a custom-designed whiteboard. Please Contact us or call us at 800 624 4154 (8-6, M-F, Eastern Time). No obligation. Our 50th year.

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No Numbers, No Confusion! Everyone knows what the chart means! We use a dark color to show our production and red to show the gap when we are behind our target. Some of the other charts we used had numbers on them that nobody understood.

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Chicago, IL


Die-cut, press-on, removable letter and number sets in 2 sizes for customizing lettering for your special application or custom print your headings at no extra charge. Click on item number below and follow "Modify Board" instructions.


Thermometer outline printed in black with 100 degree scale.


Includes dry-erase pens in 4 colors to write anywhere on the board.


Degree value printed on each magnet segment.


FlipOver® Happy-Sad™ management feedback magnets.


Includes Red, Yellow, and Green thermometer magnet sets.


Each thermometer gets a set of 14 die-cut Mercury-Magnets™ that assemble into any temperature degree 1 to 100 with 5 or less pieces (average 3).


Die-cut "mercury" magnet segments fit the board-printed thermometers.


Mercury-Magnet™ sets include die-cut degree magnets in: 1(2), 2(2), 3, 4, 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, & 40 degree segments plus a base bulb & top splash. Also incl. degree-magnet selection chart and magnet holding folder that magnetically clings to the board.


Extra Mercury-Magnet™ Sets available in 5 colors.

The ThermoCharts Fast &
Accurate Magnetic
Thermometer chart whiteboard system kits

h x w
3' x 1' 1 SELECT
3' x 2' 1 SELECT
3' x 2' 2 SELECT
3' x 4' 3 SELECT
3' x 4' 4 SELECT

Extra Mercury-Magnet Sets to
fit ThermoChart Thermometers

Price Each (ok to mix colors) Select Color
One2 - 45 - 910 - 2425 +
$34.69$33.65$32.61$31.57$30.53 SELECT#TCH-M2

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Made in USA
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All Major Credit cards Supported

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