Production Information Graph Center
Magnetic dry-erase whiteboard system kits

Management worker dialogue starts here with current information posted for each
subject 24/7 to read, study and understand. 9 board Sizes: 1 to 11 topics. 1 to 4 graphs

Product Code: PIC

H x W: 3' x 4'  #PIC434G1M - $519

Keeps production team's critical daily operational and performance data in view for constant review. Production GraphCenter whiteboards are divided into performance topic areas for posting results, notes, instructions, data and tracking specific production subjects. It comes with a set of 60 printed 1" x 8" production titles (PRODUCTIVITY, ATTENDANCE, SAFETY, QUALITY, etc.) with magnetic cardholders for headings, card blanks and a card-keying template for quickly changing your own special production titles.

The boards have one or more printed 31-day performance percentage graphs that your team members can animate as a line graph or bar chart using the dry-erase pens and colorful chart line tapes. Management performance-feedback magnets (stars, Happy-Sad faces) let you instantly communicate management reaction that creates a silent, visual 2-way 24/7 dialogue with your workers.

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Note: Consider custom-printing a board with your full-color logo, watermark, message or design. Thousands have.

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Production Information GraphCenter Magnetic Whiteboard System® Kits

Style Board
h x w
Graphs Price Each (all alike) with Magnets,
Dry-erase Tools
& Supplies
One2 - 45 - 910 - 2425 +
2' x 2' 0 1 $319$310$299$290$281 SELECT#PIC122G1M
2' x 3' 1 1 $379$368$355$345$334 SELECT#PIC223G1M
3' x 2' 1 1 $379$368$355$345$334 SELECT#PIC232G1M
3' x 2' 0 2 $379$368$355$345$334 SELECT#PIC232G2M
3' x 4' 3 1 $519$503$488$472$458 SELECT#PIC434G1M
3' x 4' 0 4 $519$503$488$472$458 SELECT#PIC434G4M
4' x 2' 2 1 $419$407$393$381$369 SELECT#PIC342G1M
4' x 2' 0 3 $419$407$393$381$369 SELECT#PIC342G3M
4' x 4' 5 1 $689$668$648$627$607 SELECT#PIC644G1M
4' x 6' 8 1 $799$775$751$727$703 SELECT#PIC946G1M
4' x 8' 11 1 $1,029$998$967$936$905 SELECT#PIC1248G1M

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