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ChartView® Document Display System Magnetic Dry-Erase Steel Whiteboard Systems

Display your most important documents using our Magnetic ChartJackets®. ChartJackets® protect your documents, come in 5 colors, hold up to 10 sheets and can be written on using damp-erase markers.

No more dog-eared corners, wrinkles, messy tape, staples or tacks. The magnetic transparent sleeves hold up to 10 sheets and keep your valuable documents clean, crisp and perfect while remaining visible on this magnet porcelain-like steel whiteboard. The ChartView® comes in 11 board sizes and 3 ChartJacket® sizes (Letter, Ledger and Tabloid), horizontal or vertical orientation.

ChartJackets® are ideal for posting management comments, calling attention to chart highlights, etc. The transparent jackets don't glare and can be written on with damp-erase markers included in the kits. ChartJackets® come in 5 write-on edge-stripe colors which can indicate the document type, posting location, or your own color-code.

The board has been perfect for our needs. We're using it as part of our Visual Management System for the Environmental Health and Safety Program. We post everything on there from our stats to information on the various projects and programs in place. The document holders make it extremely easy to change what is posted. This thing is great!

EHS Services Manager — Medical Products Manaufacturer
Danvers, MA

If you would like some help from one of our experienced design specialists, please contact us or call us at 800 624 4154 or email us at sales@magnatag.com
At NO extra cost, Using our Design-it Editing tool, you can personalize titles and headers on your board. To access the tool look for the symbol before adding the item to your cart

This System is available as a Glass Whiteboard!

Product code: CHM
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Change charts without removing the magnetic ChartJacket® from the board. Fold the face-window forward, releasing the magnet strip on the back. Two more magnet strips hold the jacket in place on the ChartView® Magnetic Document Display Board.
Opens on the top and side for easy chart insertion with minimum static.
3 strong magnet strips sealed into the jacket: 2 on the back and 1 behind the face of the front color stripe.
Write-on edge stripes in five colors (White, Blue, Red, Green, Yellow) for quick chart ID grouping or location codes.
Write erasable comments and observations about the chart on the transparent jacket face with the damp erase pens without marking the chart itself. Ideal for management comments, calling attention to chart highlights.
Hole hangers for displaying on non-steel surfaces.
Non-Glare Protective Face. The design of this patented, protective, write-on, transparent ChartJacket® lets you easily insert, remove, display and transport large charts, blueprints and graphics without handling, soiling, dog-earing, or wrinkling them.
ChartView® Document Display Boards are available with three ChartJacket® size options in either vertical or horizontal format.
Letter Size with #CJK9 or #CJK9V Chart 8-1/2" x 11" Jacket 10" x 13"
Ledger Size with #CJK18 or #CJK18V Chart 12" x 18" Jacket 13" x 19"
Tabloid Size with #CJK82 or #CJK82V Chart 18" x 24" Jacket 19" x 25" White and Yellow only

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Capacities, sizes and options
with 8-1/2"h x 11"w Letter Size HORIZONTAL ChartJackets®
h x w
2' x 3'4(2-2)SELECT
2' x 4'6(2-3)SELECT
3' x 4'9(3-3)SELECT
4' x 4'12(4-3)SELECT
4' x 6'20(4-5)SELECT
4' x 8'28(4-7)SELECT
4' x 10'32(4-8)SELECT
4' x 12'40(4-10)SELECT
with 11"h x 8-1/2"w Letter Size VERTICAL ChartJackets®
h x w
3' x 2'4(2-2)SELECT
3' x 4'8(2-4)SELECT
4' x 4'12(3-4)SELECT
4' x 6'15(3-5)SELECT
4' x 8'21(3-7)SELECT
with 11"h x 17"w Ledger Size HORIZONTAL ChartJackets®
h x w
3' x 2'2(2-1)SELECT
4' x 4'6(3-2)SELECT
4' x 6'9(3-3)SELECT
4' x 8'12(3-4)SELECT
with 17"h x 11"h Ledger Size VERTICAL ChartJackets®
h x w
2' x 4'3(1-3)SELECT
4' x 3'4(2-2)SELECT
4' x 4'6(2-3)SELECT
4' x 6'10(2-5)SELECT
4' x 8'12(2-6)SELECT
with 18"h x 24"w Tabloid Size HORIZONTAL ChartJackets®
h x w
4' x 3'2(2-1)SELECT
4' x 6'4(2-2)SELECT
4' x 8'6(2-3)SELECT
4' x 9'8(2-4)SELECT
4' x 12'10(2-5)SELECT
with 24"h x 18"w Tabloid Size VERTICAL ChartJackets®
h x w
3' x 4'2(1-2)SELECT
3' x 6'3(1-3)SELECT


Frequently asked questions about this product
What is included with my magnetic whiteboard?
Each whiteboard system offers one or more kit options tailored specifically for that system. Each includes the same high quality, magnetic dry-erase whiteboard. To view and compare the contents of each kit option, select the board item(s) in the Price Chart above and click the “What’s Included” tab.
What options are available for my magnetic whiteboard?
For a list of available board options, including: factory installed board trays, frame color choices, stands and other options, select the board item in the price chart above and scroll to the “Features & Options” tab.
How do I hang my new board?
Your BoldLyne® framed Magnatag® board comes with two hanging options: Patented Safety Hooks and FrameKlamp SlideChannel wall hangers. You can view an installation video of the two options or download the instructions for either by clicking these links: Safety Hook Installation or FrameKlamp Installation. Fastener hardware is not included. Please make sure the fasteners you use are appropriate for your wall.
What are the exact dimensions and weights of the boards?
For exact dimensions, add 1-1/2" to the listed board height and width. For more details about our whiteboards and for board weights, click here.
What kind of pens should I use on my board?
For best results use the Magnatag® PandaBoard® dry-erase markers provided with your board.
How do I clean my board?
For best results use the Magnatag® PandaBoard® Brand Cleaner and Conditioner with the large lint-free board wipes provided with your board. Also see care and cleaning information here.