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FrameKlamp Whiteboard Mounting Brackets

Have the flexibility to mount your Magnatag® whiteboard where you want.

FrameKlamp whiteboard mounting brackets can be screwed to anything strong enough to hold the weight of your whiteboard. They work best when screwed into wall studs. After securing the FrameKlamp to your wall, position the head of the FrameKlamp into the built-in channel on the back of a Magnatag® Whiteboard frame. While holding the board, slide the Whiteboard left or right. When your board is in the desired position lock the whiteboard to the wall by flipping the FrameKlamp down flush to the whiteboard's frame. When the FrameKlamps are locked, your board will stay secured to your wall until you flip the FrameKlamp tabs upright. FrameKlamps can be used on any of the board's four framed sides. Patent pending.

3 FrameKlamps will hold a 4 foot by 6 foot whiteboard and smaller. Boards larger than 4'x6' should use 5 or more FrameKlamps.

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