Exact-Letter® Individual Letters and Numbers
Printed on Self-Aligning MAGNET BLOCKS

Make quickly-changeable, magnetic signs on steel whiteboards, Whitewalls®,
cabinets, doors, steel buildings or flat steel surfaces, indoors or out.

Let your imagination fly: Order just the individual characters you want by size, font, character, case and color. We custom-print them to your order on flexible vinyl die-cut magnet blocks, where they self-align tightly together creating a handsome sign that you can easily re-position, alter and modify. Select 28 sizes from small 3/4" to giant 22" high character-blocks

The characters cling tight to flat, smooth, clean steel* surfaces. Moderately flexible for use on slightly curved surfaces, they "lock on" magnetically to steel and become difficult to slide, but lift off and reposition easily. Colors are fade-resistant. Reuse them for years. They are permanently magnetized to retain full magnetic strength.

To order, select individual characters or, key the numbers, letters, words or phrases you would like and choose the size, font, case-format and colors to suit your needs. We ship in 3 business days or less

Note: * They cling to steel, except for some grades of stainless steel. Caution: 1. When used outdoors on buildings and other painted steel surfaces, they may react with sunlight and leave a discolored area on the paint when the character is removed. These self-aligning block characters are not intended for use on automobiles. 2. Magnetic characters become brittle and may fracture when flexed or handled in below freezing temperatures but stay functional if left undisturbed.

These custom-printed characters are not returnable. To offset our custom set-up costs we require a Minimum order of $50 for the first colors selection plus $25 for each additional colors selection.

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Ships in 3 business days or less!
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