DueDate 365-Day Suspense-Action Magnetic Calendar


All of the items listed below are included with this whiteboard kit.

Item #Qty.Description
DUE46B14'h x 6'w porcelain-like steel whiteboard, framed, with 12 mo. columns & 174 line spaces, heat-fused printed
CH86-1A5180Magnetic cardholders, 5/8" x 6", 5 colors: White, Yellow, Blue, Green, Red for line item names
CD86-A103Packages of 10 sheets (510 total) card inserts in 10 colors perforated 17-up to fit Magnatag #CH86 5/8" x 6" cardholders
DCD-11LetterEasy CD/ROM Card Keying Lettering System with templates for computer printing your Magnatag® Card Inserts and T-Cards
S-CR58M-A10200Magnet circle status signals, 5/8" dia. 10 colors
S-SQ58M-A102005/8" die-cut magnet square symbols in 5 colors
TC1317sheet(s) of six 1-31 date printed labels
X-Y10-18225-RV1set(s) of 10 Magnetic Years 1-1/8" x 2-1/4", white on black
TP18-K2Rolls of 1/8" x 324" PreciseLine® removable-adhesive bold line chart tape, Black
BX-P11Magnet Storage Box, 11" x 6-3/8" x 2-1/4", transparent plastic
YPB-A42Set(s) of 4 Dry-Erase bullet-point pens, 4 colors: Black, Red, Green, Blue
EPH-31Whiteboard Combination Panda Brand® Felt Eraser and Pen-holder that magnetically clings to the steel board surface. Up to 4 pens clip into the eraser. Patented.
CL-0818 oz. pump-spray bottle of Panda Brand Whiteboard Cleaner and Conditioner
PW-51Pack of 5 large lint-free board wipes
WAK51Pkg of 5 WakTack® magnets (assorted colors), with press-on labels for tacking paper documents to the whiteboard.

Board Option

Frame Color

Frame Option

Frame Option

Board h x w:4' x 6'
QTYPrice Each
2 - 4$901
5 - 9$873
10 - 24$845
25 +$817