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MagnaMap® Animation Kits with Map-Magnets for Displaying Activity on Magnetic Steel MagnaMaps®

Printed steel dry-erase MagnaMaps® call for special Map-Magnets to pinpoint, outline and show your planned, updated and ongoing geo activity. Quickly show what's happening with these hands-on movable Map-Magnets and chart animation supplies.

This is what MagnaMap® systems are all about; not just to look at, but graphic working tools to display and visibly share with your associates 24/7 an up-to-date comprehensive geo-picture of what's happening in your world. No matter how many computers or other sophisticated graphic tools you have, nothing gives your team the "buy-in believability" of a big magnetic steel MagnaMap® where everyone can view, study and understand the situation.

Kits include carefully selected magnets and cartographic animation tools to make your map-world come to life. Responding to our client's requests over the years, we created and make all the items in the kits, many patented, and continue to add new items. Order complete kits below for your MagnaMap® or assemble your own special map animation kit from the itemized kit item contents listed below.

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