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Job Flow Tracker® Magnetic Modular Dry-Erase Whiteboard Systems

Your daily work plan against a left-to-right timeline. Day by day and line by line, this system delivers the big picture you can instantly update by moving magnets. Expandable to any length. 50" high, 1" or 1/2" rows, 4, 6 and 8 week models.

Visually plan and track jobs daily for 4, 6, 8 or more weeks with this completely flexible magnetic modular sliding track system. Each 14-day panel (with shaded weekends) can be lifted out and repositioned for a continuous left-to-right date line. Includes a comprehensive supply kit with magnetic cardholders and Letter-Easy PC card lettering system, write-on magnet strips you can scissor-cut to show job length, magnetic date & month sets, etc.

This Job-Flow-Tracker® system Includes assembly with staging panels and OverRider device for gliding any panel over the face of the other panels and satin-aluminum wall track assembly. Lightweight, porcelain-like, heat-fused edge-formed steel panels fit in the wall tracks with just a formed-edge seam (no panel side frames) and appear as one long board. Use magnets and dry-erase write on the board too. Designed for a lifetime of daily use. Ships in 5 business days or less.

If you would like some help from one of our experienced design specialists, please contact us or call us at 800 624 4154 or email us at sales@magnatag.com
At NO extra cost, Using our Design-it Editing tool, you can personalize titles and headers on your board. To access the tool look for the symbol before adding the item to your cart
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Ships in 5 business days or less!
Satin aluminum slide tracks.
12" w. line item panel—for heavy job loading, use 2 or more lines per work station.
Lines and board headings are heat-fused printed into the porcelain-like dry-erase magnetic steel whiteboard surface to stay like new for a lifetime of daily use.
Shaded weekend columns.
18" width lined staging panel.
Numbered rows to reduce posting and reading errors.
Heat-fused printed lines, days, and shaded weekends.
Magnet month and date sets included.
Magnetic 3/8" status signals in 10 colors to grab attention, show priority, or your own coding.
39 rows with cells 1-1/8" h x 2-3/8"w hold 1" x 2" magnets
70 rows with cells 5/8" h x 2-3/8"w hold 1/2" x 2" magnets
Damp/Dry Write-on Magnet Strips in 10 assorted colors.
Magnetic cardholders in 5 colors and card inserts in 10 colors for up to 50 color-combination codes.

Download your card-keying templates here.
For a continuous left to right date line, just lift the light-weight panel out of the track when its time period has expired, slide the other panels to the left, reinsert the completed panel at the right end of the track and set it up for the next time period.

Production Tracker® has 14 day sections, left and right end job line and staging panels, plus tracks and OverRider mechanism.

Rolling OverRider lets you engage any of the panels and glide it over the face of the system.

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Capacities, sizes and options
h x w
14 Day
with Magnets
Dry-erase tools
& supplies
1/2"h magnets - 70 rows with left & right end panels for line items & staging
287050" x 100"2SELECT
427050" x 134"3SELECT
567050" x 167"4SELECT
147050" x 33-1/4"1 Add-on*SELECT
1"h magnets - 39 rows with left & right end panels for line items & staging
283950" x 100"2SELECT
423950" x 134"3SELECT
563950" x 167"4SELECT
143950" x 33-1/4"1 Add-on*SELECT