#CMB336WF 3x6' ready-to-use with strong WakTack® magnets and dry erase supplies   $739

Each have our MagnaLux® porcelain-like magnetic steel dry-erase whiteboard on one panel and your choice of CorkTack, FabricTack® or fabric-backed TackFree® Grip-a-Sheet® bars on one or two additional panel sections. Select from 6 fabric designer colors. Boards come ready-to-use with write-on tools and 10 patented extra strong WakTack® magnets that hold up to 10 sheets of paper on the steel surface.

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The ComboBoards®
Magnetic dry-erase Whiteboard in 2 or 3 sections
with CorkTack or FabricTack® bulletin panel sections.
h x w

2- Sections: CorkTack™ on right , Magnetic Whiteboard on left
2' x 3'#CMB223WC$379
3' x 4'#CMB234WC459
4' x 6'#CMB246WC739
4' x 8'#CMB248WC929
2- Sections: FabricTack® on right , Magnetic Whiteboard on left
2' x 3'#CMB223WF$379
3' x 4'#CMB234WF459
4' x 6'#CMB246WF739
4' x 8'#CMB248WF929
2- Sections: TackFree® fabric on right , Magnetic Whiteboard on left
3' x 4'#CMB234WTF$609
4' x 6'#CMB246WTF849
4' x 8'#CMB248WTF1109
3 Sections: CorkTack™ left and right, Magnetic Whiteboard center
2' x 4'#CMB324WC$409
3' x 6'#CMB336WC739
4' x 8'#CMB348WC1109
3 Sections: FabricTack® left and right, Magnetic Whiteboard center
2' x 4'#CMB324WF$409
3' x 6'#CMB336WF739
4' x 8'#CMB348WF1109
3 Sections: TackFree® fabric left and right, Magnetic Whiteboard center
3' x 6'#CMB336WTF$859
4' x 8'#CMB348WTF1239
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Includes: 10 WakTack® extra-strong magnets in 10 colors, dry-erase pens in 4 colors and 2 tips, magnetic eraser / pen holder, 8 oz. pump-spray board cleaner / conditioner and large lint-free board wipes.
Note: You may supply your own fabric for these FabricTack® and TackFree® boards on orders for 10 or more boards all alike, per fabric. Please contact us for specifications and ordering instructions.

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