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Write-on / Wipe-off Magnatags®
Magnetic Shelf Labels and Bin Tags
36 Sizes 17 Colors

Write on them with damp-erase or dry-erase pens.

Write-on / Wipe-off Magnatags ® Magnetic Shelf Labels and Bin Tags 36 Sizes 17 Colors

Write on the solid plastic shelf label surface with damp-erase or dry-erase magnet marking pens. Reuse them over and over for years! They cling tight and "lock-on" magnetically to steel shelf edges, becoming almost impossible to dislodge accidently after a few minutes, yet their hard plastic EZ-Grip® edges let you easily lift them off for repositioning. Use the shelf tag 17 colors to create your own color-coded, shelf-edge stockroom control system.

New writing surface feature: Write on the same Shelf Tag with both damp and dry-erase pens and markers. Use one for info that stays semi-permanent and the other for information to be changed and erased frequently.
Note: Classic matte finish Shelf Tags are still available. To order, scroll to the link at the bottom of the price chart below.

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What makes Magnatags® the best? Magnatag® magnetic write-on shelf tags are 40 mil (.04 inch) thick, with a solid 10 mil (.01 inch) hard flexible plastic writing surface laminated to strong 30 mil (.03 inch) permanently magnetized flexible soft magnetic rubber. Designed to give you a lifetime of daily use with minimum care.

*Note: Magnatags® are Not painted ribbon-type magnet or covered with paper-thin, bubble-prone soft plastic film as offered by imitators. Magnatags® will Not crack, split, peel, wear out, delaminate, bubble, fracture or crumble. They retain their full magnetic strength permanently.

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Reusable Magnetic Shelf and Bin Tags
with combination Damp and Dry-Erase Writing Surface
Price per Package (all same size)
1 - 23 - 45 - 910 - 2425 +
3/8" h
3/8" x 2"50$30$29$28$27$26#TG382B
3/8" x 3"503332313029#TG383B
3/8" x 4"252120191817#TG384B
3/8" x 6"252726252423#TG386B
1/2" h
1/2" x 3"50$27$26$25$24$23#TG53B
1/2" x 4"251918171615#TG54B
1/2" x 6"252322212019#TG56B
1/2" x 12"152322212020#TG512B
5/8" h
5/8" x 2"50$38$37$36$35$34#TG582B
5/8" x 3"252524232221#TG583B
5/8" x 4"252726252423#TG584B
5/8" x 6"253635343332#TG586B
5/8" x 12"153029282726#TG5812B
3/4" h
3/4" x 3"25$26$25$24$23$22#TG753B
3/4" x 4"253029282726#TG754B
3/4" x 6"253837363534#TG756B
3/4" x 8"255049474644#TG758B
3/4" x 12"102120191817#TG7512B
1" h
1" X 3"25$23$22$21$20$19#TG13B
1" X 4"252726252423#TG14B
1" X 6"152322212019#TG16B
1" X 8"102120191817#TG18B
1" X 12"102827262524#TG112B
1-3/8" h
1-3/8" x 4"25$36$35$34$33$32#TG134B
1-3/8" x 6"102120191817#TG136B
1-3/8" x 8"102827262524#TG138B
1-3/8" x 12"52019181716#TG1312B
1-3/8" x 18"53029282726#TG1318B
1-7/8" h
1-7/8" x 6"10$26$25$24$23$22#TG1786B
1-7/8" x 8"103433323130#TG1788B
1-7/8" x 12"52726252423#TG17812B
1-7/8" x 18"53938373635#TG17818B
3" h
3" x 6"10$37$36$35$34$33#TG36B
3" x 8"52726252423#TG38B
3" x 12"53736353433#TG312B
3" x 18"55553525049#TG318B
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