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Write-on 12" long Grid-printed Magnets
to register with our whiteboard grids

Displaying exact multi-day (hour/week) tasks or plans on a precise grid cell timeline
scale is easy with these unique magnets.
5 grid spacings, 3/8"h or 7/8"h x 12"w sizes, 10 colors,
Combination damp-erase/dry-erase surface.

Write-on 12" long Grid-printed Magnets to register with our whiteboard grids

Here is a fast and easy way to exact-size task-magnet lengths against the grid on your magnetic 365-Day timeline GrandPlanner®, Training, or Attendance-Vacation Whiteboard Systems.

Just count the printed grid cell spaces on the magnet to match the grid day cell count on the board timeline and scissor-cut it to the precise task day length.The printed gray lines on the magnet register the board grid.

These magnets also register with our Square Grid and Ghost-Grid magnetic steel whiteboards for creating your own special timeline board systems.

New writing surface feature: Write on the same Grid-printed magnet with both damp and dry-erase pens and markers. Use one for info that stays semi-permanent and the other for information to be changed and erased frequently.

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Write-on 12" Whiteboard Magnets
with printed grid lines to register with the printed steel whiteboard grid cells.

SizePrice per Package of 5 (ok to mix colors)
1 - 45 - 910 - 2425 - 4950 +
3/8" x 12" Whiteboard Magnet with printed grid cells

1/6"3/8" x 12"$10.29$9.98$9.67$9.36$9.06#WAB386R

1/4"3/8" x 12"$10.29$9.98$9.67$9.36$9.06#WAB384R

1/3"3/8" x 12"$10.29$9.98$9.67$9.36$9.06#WAB383R

1/2"3/8" x 12"$10.29$9.98$9.67$9.36$9.06#WAB385R

1"3/8" x 12"$10.29$9.98$9.67$9.36$9.06#WAB381R
7/8" x 12" Whiteboard Magnet with printed grid cells

1/6"7/8" x 12"$22.29$21.62$20.95$20.28$19.62#WAB786R

1/4"7/8" x 12"$22.29$21.62$20.95$20.28$19.62#WAB784R

1/3"7/8" x 12"$22.29$21.62$20.95$20.28$19.62#WAB783R

1/2"7/8" x 12"$22.29$21.62$20.95$20.28$19.62#WAB785R

1"7/8" x 12"$22.29$21.62$20.95$20.28$19.62#WAB781R
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