WakTack® Extra-Strong Multi-use patented Tack Magnets
for use on Magnetic Steel Whiteboards and other steel surfaces

WakTack ® Extra-Strong Multi-use patented Tack Magnets for use on Magnetic Steel Whiteboards and other steel surfaces

Powerful WakTack® magnets are a super-handy tool: They hold almost anything tight to steel and are fun to play with too. Made of nickel-plated neodymium, encased in our patented multi-purpose EZ-Grip® plastic holder, one of these extra-strong magnets holds up to 10 sheets of paper or 6 oz. of keys on your steel whiteboard, fridge, file, cabinet, locker, wall, door or any steel surface indoors or out. They're also a lot of fun to play with!

They come with press-on labels that fit the magnet's recessed top and can be prepared on your computer with the CD/ROM template. (downloading instructions included). 5/8" x 5/8" x 3/4"h.

10 Bright Colors. US Patent #D535,699S.

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Magnetically strong
enough to attract
each other
your finger!
square top
Hang up
to 6 oz.
from a
1/8" deep-
channel to
hold looped
Tack-clamp up to 10
sheets of paper on steel
white boards, fridges
files, cabinets, racks
shelves, any steel surface
indoor or out.
WakTacks® are
powerful neo-dym-
ium nickel-plated
magnets in a unique
non-brakable multi-
use plastic holder
1/8" diameter threading
hole for key
or stretch cord
WakTacks® Rare Earth Magnets:
Permanently magnetized
10 bright colors
EZ-Grip 5/8" top and base
3/4" height overall
1/8" threading hole
Loop channel recessed 1/8"
Recessed top to hold label
Includes die-cut labels to fit top
Label template PC download
Lots of fun to play with!
Label WakTacks® with your own special letters, numbers, photos and symbols using the press-on paper labels that fit the recessed top of the magnet. Key them on your computer and desktop printer or hand print them. A Letter-Easy® CD/ROM template download access is provided with many pre-programmed sample symbols to fit.
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WakTack® Powerful Rare-Earth patented Magnets
5/8"x 5/8"x 3/4"h.

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Packages include: press-on die-cut paper labels to fit the recessed area on the top of each WakTack® magnet. These are full sheet(s) of 252 labels which can be printed on your desktop laser printer using the label keying PC template access provided with the package.

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10 bright colors. You can specify the color or order them in 5 color or 10 color assortments in packs of 10, 20 or 50. Each package comes with sheet(s) of 252 labels.

WakTacks® are neodymium "Rare Earth" magnets embedded in a patented grip-holder.They are the strongest magnets known. Like any tool, WakTack® magnets are very useful but caution should be taken in their use:

- Fingers and body parts can be pinched between these magnets and may be uncomfortable or painful particularly if done so by small children.
- WakTacks® should never be swallowed or put in the mouth or inserted in other body openings.
- No attempt should be made to remove the magnet from the WakTack® holder by mechanical or other means because the magnets are brittle and can shatter, possibly causing eye damage.
- Do not allow WakTack® magnets to be used near people with Pacemakers or similar medical aids. The strong magnetic field may affect their operation.
- WakTacks® should never be burned as it will create toxic fumes.
- Waktacks® should never be heated beyond 175 degrees (80 degrees celsius) which causes them to lose their magnetic properties.

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Extra WakTack® Labels

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