PreciseLine® Adhesive Vinyl Tapes for Whiteboards, Maps
and Charts, Solid Colors and Printed with Stripes or Arrows

These tapes customize your whiteboard, graph, map or chart as your own design.
324" rolls. 5 widths, 8 solid colors, 4 printed colors. Semi-gloss finish. Removable.

Perfect for sub-dividing, outlining and creating your own chart design on whiteboards, graphic presentation panels and applying thin bold pinstripe lines on hard surfaces, showing authority lines on organizational charts, etc. They're particularly fast and easy to use with our Ghost-Grid whiteboards where you can tape perfectly straight, pre-measured precisely spaced lines on the first try for a neat, professional chart you'll be proud to display. Also use the tape for aligning die-cut magnetic and adhesive letters and numbers. Just remove the tape when finished for a neat row of copy.

They're ideal for animating MagnaMaps® (or any maps, floor plans, plot sites, etc.) with several colorful printed arrow and stripe pattern choices. Use them to add eye-catching drama to any graphic presentation board.


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Product Code: TP

PreciseLine® Adhesive Vinyl Whiteboard Tape

1 - 45 - 2425 +
SOLID-COLOR 324" tape rolls
1/16" $5.89$5.71$5.54 SELECT#TP16
1/8" $6.89$6.55$6.20 SELECT#TP18
1/4" $7.99$7.60$7.19 SELECT#TP14
3/8" $9.29$8.84$8.36 SELECT#TP38
1/2" $12.19$11.58$10.97 SELECT#TP12
STRIPE-PRINTED 324" tape rolls. Opaque or Clear* (transparent)
1/16" $7.99$7.60$7.19 SELECT#TPP16-STRIPE
1/8" $8.99$8.55$8.09 SELECT#TPP18-STRIPE
1/4" $9.99$9.50$8.99 SELECT#TPP14-STRIPE
3/8" $11.69$11.10$10.52 SELECT#TPP38-STRIPE
1/2" $13.29$12.63$11.96 SELECT#TPP12-STRIPE
SLASH-PRINTED 324" tape rolls. Opaque or Clear* (transparent)
1/16" $7.99$7.60$7.19 SELECT#TPP16-SLASH
1/8" $8.99$8.55$8.09 SELECT#TPP18-SLASH
1/4" $9.99$9.50$8.99 SELECT#TPP14-SLASH
3/8" $11.69$11.10$10.52 SELECT#TPP38-SLASH
1/2" $13.29$12.63$11.96 SELECT#TPP12-SLASH
BAR-PRINTED 324" tape rolls. Opaque or Clear* (transparent)
1/16" $7.99$7.60$7.19 SELECT#TPP16-BAR
1/8" $8.99$8.55$8.09 SELECT#TPP18-BAR
1/4" $9.99$9.50$8.99 SELECT#TPP14-BAR
3/8" $11.69$11.10$10.52 SELECT#TPP38-BAR
1/2" $13.29$12.63$11.96 SELECT#TPP12-BAR
HASH-PRINTED 324" tape rolls. Opaque or Clear* (transparent)
1/16" $7.99$7.60$7.19 SELECT#TPP16-HASH
1/8" $8.99$8.55$8.09 SELECT#TPP18-HASH
1/4" $9.99$9.50$8.99 SELECT#TPP14-HASH
3/8" $11.69$11.10$10.52 SELECT#TPP38-HASH
1/2" $13.29$12.63$11.96 SELECT#TPP12-HASH
ARROW-PRINTED 324" tape rolls. Opaque or Clear* (transparent)
1/4" $9.99$9.50$8.99 SELECT#TPP14-ARROW
3/8" $11.69$11.10$10.52 SELECT#TPP38-ARROW
1/2" $13.29$12.63$11.96 SELECT#TPP12-ARROW
ARROWHEAD-PRINTED 324" tape rolls. Opaque or Clear* (transparent)
1/4" $9.99$9.50$8.99 SELECT#TPP14-ARROWHEAD
3/8" $11.69$11.10$10.52 SELECT#TPP38-ARROWHEAD
1/2" $13.29$12.63$11.96 SELECT#TPP12-ARROWHEAD
SIDEARROW-PRINTED 324" tape rolls. Opaque or Clear* (transparent)
1/4" $9.99$9.50$8.99 SELECT#TPP14-SIDEARROW
3/8" $11.69$11.10$10.52 SELECT#TPP38-SIDEARROW
1/2" $13.29$12.63$11.96 SELECT#TPP12-SIDEARROW

*Clear (transparent) tapes allow map or background printing to show through the tape, but not through the printed tape images. They are ideal for use on maps, renderings, floor plans, etc.

PreciseLine® Tapes are adhesive, not magnetic.

If you don't see what you need, please contact us. We may be able to customize your tape design.

PreciseLine® Retractable Touch-Knife

Slide Blade Forward to cut tape. Blade retracts with a spring, 1-3/4" dia.

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GSA #GS-28F-0010Y

Made in USA
Veteran Owned

All Major Credit cards Supported

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