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WhiteWalls Magnetic Dry-Erase Whiteboard Wall Panels

WhiteWalls® Go Ahead, Write On The Walls

WhiteWall® Magnetic Dry-Erase Whiteboard Wall Panels turn your room or wall into a creative hot spot. These whiteboard walls give you and your team an unlimited blank slate that encourages original ideas and fosters out-of-the-box solutions. These dry erase wall panels are perfect for team, break, conference or meeting rooms, executive or home office walls and even busy hallways. Use Whitewall paneling wherever you meet to plan, develop, brainstorm or create.

"You wouldn't believe how much creativity is sparked when you have the entire room as your writing surface. We've covered practically every wall with these whiteboard wall panels. Now each design team can have their own working area and not have to worry about running out of space."
- Office Manager
Label Manufacturer, Brea CA
"We purchased our first set of boards as a way to encourage collaboration and teamwork. Each has been strategically placed in communal work areas. We'd like to have one anywhere that you might want to hold an impromptu meeting or critiques. Now everyone doesn't have to huddle around a workstation or reserve a room to show off their idea or hold a quick meeting."
- Operations Director
NYC Marketing Company

Dry-Erase & Magnetic

Having a magnetic whiteboard wall is much better. Magnets dramatically increase your wall's potential use. You can use it to post maps and charts or use your wall for value stream mapping and or fishbone diagrams. We offer one of the most extensive assortments of Magnetic Accessories on the market.

Check out our: Magnetic Accessories

Magnetic document display supplies
Organizational & Gantt Chart Supplies
Large Chart and Map Magnets
Variety of Die-cut and Cardholder Magnets

Built to last

Our dry-erase wall panels are built tough. They will not stain, crack, or fade over a lifetime of daily use. Unlike paints or laminates, our Whiteboard wall panels are magnetic and made of steel. Our stressed-skin-core technology guarantees that our board will not warp. Other whiteboards simply laminate their steel to particleboard which will warp overtime.

Our whiteboard walls are frameless and precision bent on all four sides giving you an uninterrupted writing space with no need for ugly T-molding or framing.

Easy Install

Avoid stubborn Z track or tedious measuring. Mount one simple bracket and hang your new WhiteWalls®. Two people with some common handtools can securely hang an entire wall in a matter of minutes. No stubborn T-molding or framing, and our stress-skin-core construction technology ensures that you won’t have to deal with the burden of matching up warped panels.

Specs and Architectural Resources

For additional information,quantity discounts and or help with specking our glass into a project. Please contact one of our system specialists at

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Price Chart - Order Here

Capacities, sizes and options

h x w
Price each (all alike)
1 - 45 - 910 - 2425 - 4950 - 99100 +
Vertical WhiteWall® Panels
44" x 44"$529$512$499$480$466$459SELECT
60" x 44"$569$551$536$517$501$494SELECT
66" x 44"$599$580$563$544$528$521SELECT
70" x 44"$619$599$582$562$546$538SELECT
72" x 44"$659$638$619$599$581$573SELECT
78" x 44"$679$658$638$617$599$590SELECT
84" x 44"$709$687$666$644$624$617SELECT
90" x 44"$739$716$694$671$651$643SELECT
94" x 44"$759$736$713$690$668$660SELECT
96" x 44"$789$765$742$717$695$686SELECT
98" x 44"$819$794$770$744$721$713SELECT
102" x 44"$879$853$826$800$773$764SELECT
108" x 44"$909$882$854$827$799$790SELECT
114" x 44"$949$921$892$863$834$826SELECT
118" x 44"$979$950$920$890$861$852SELECT
Horizontal WhiteWall® Panels
44" x 60"$569$551$536$517$501$494SELECT
44" x 66"$599$580$563$544$528$521SELECT
44" x 70"$619$599$582$562$546$538SELECT
44" x 72"$659$638$619$599$581$573SELECT
44" x 78"$679$658$638$617$599$590SELECT
44" x 84"$709$687$666$644$624$617SELECT
44" x 90"$739$716$694$671$651$643SELECT
44" x 94"$759$736$713$690$668$660SELECT
44" x 96"$789$765$742$717$695$686SELECT
44" x 98"$819$794$770$744$721$713SELECT
44" x 102"$879$853$826$800$773$764SELECT
44" x 108"$909$882$854$827$799$790SELECT
44" x 114"$949$921$892$863$834$826SELECT
44" x 118"$979$950$920$890$861$852SELECT



Wall Configurations

Panels are 44" x lengths to 118". Easily move them later to a new location leaving under-wall undisturbed. You can also permanently mount them using standard wall panel adhesives. Smaller sizes are available at the price of next larger size.

Custom-Fit Panel Option

Type in the height and width of the wall or walls in the designated boxes below. Each wall area you specify will be considered a separate wall assembly and priced as one wall. Note: Panels are sized to 1/2" increments. Smaller fractional inch measurements are not available. Custom-Fit wall panels are not returnable.

Horizontal Panel Option

Whitewall panels come in both vertical and horizontal formats. Customized walls that are 44" or less in height are automatically configured with horizontal panels.

3 Styles

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