CarView Inventory Control Auto Dealers Card File Boards

3"x4" cards fit in pocket-slots with the top 1" visible. 5 Sizes: 100 to 650 cars. Fast, and easy to use,
this long-pocket file-board holds 3x4" cards arranged any way you want to display your car inventory.

Product Code: CRKYV

H x W: 3' x 4'   #CRKYV34 - $429

This is one of the most popular visible inventory control boards for in-stock vehicles we offer. The 3" x 4" vehicle data cards give you 24 sq. inches to post details of each vehicle (12 sq. in. on each side) and they come in 17 colors.

It comes with our Letter-Easy CD/ROM card-keying template for preparing the data cards (you can also handwrite or adhere printed labels to the cards). The card-pockets run the full width of the board so you can slide the data cards sideways, even overlap them. US Patent #7,117,998

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The CarView Board Visible
Inventory Control for Auto Dealers

h x w Vehicles
3" x 4"
Data Cards
in 17 colors
2' x 3' 100 17 8 408 (4 pkgs.) SELECT
3' x 4' 225 27 11 918 (9 pkgs.) SELECT
4' x 4' 325 36 11 1224 (12 pkgs.) SELECT
4' x 6' 465 36 16 1632 (15 pkgs.) SELECT
4' x 8' 600 36 20 1836 (18 pkgs.) SELECT

2031 O'Neill Road
Macedon, NY 14502


GSA #GS-28F-0010Y

Made in USA
Veteran Owned

All Major Credit cards Supported

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