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Twelve magnetic write-on monthly calendar panels on six 2-sided pivoting panels puts 365 detailed planning days before your eyes. Each day space is 6-1/2" h x 3-1/4" wide and the full calendar year display is 24 ft. wide x 4 ft. high. It comes ready-to-use with optional magnets and supplies.

It opens 180 degrees, flat to the wall and completely closes to either side. Keeps your plans confidential until you swing it open, yet is instantly available for viewing with just the flip of a finger. Panels lift out. Wall-mount it or order it on a pivoting bracket RollAround Stand.

How It Works
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The SwingView® GiantYear®
365-Day Magnetic Steel Planning Calendar
on six 2-sided 1-month pivoting calendar panels
4'h x 24'w calendar condensed to a 76"w display.
Each Swing Panel is 3'h x 2'w........Each day cell is 6-1/2"h x 3-1/4"w
full open
With magnets &
Dry-erase tools
Dry-Erase tools

WALL-MOUNTED with Pivoting Display Bracket and six 2-sided hinged month panels
44"h x 76"w40"w#ZA312M-EB$3719#ZA312T-EB$3329

On a ROLL-AROUND™ STAND with Pivoting Display Bracket and six 2-sided hinged month panels
78"h x 76"w x 30"d70"w#ZA312M-QSV$4129#ZA312T-QSV$3759
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Dry-erase tools include: dry-erase pens in 4 colors, set of magnetic months, 12 sets of magnetic dates, holiday magnets, magnetic eraser / pen holder, 8 oz. pump-spray board cleaner / conditioner, large lint-free board wipes, and WakTack® rare earth magnets in 5 colors.
Magnet kit includes: Dry-erase tools, 1/2" x 3", 1" x 3" and 1-3/8" x 3" magnetic cardholders in 5 colors, card inserts to fit the 3 sizes in 10 colors, Letter-Easy card lettering system, magnet status signals in 10 colors, and magnet storage box.

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