Milestone-Tracker® Magnetic dry-erase whiteboard kits

Progress at each milestone for an instant color-coded overview of
your full project management picture. 4 Sizes for 8 to 34 milestones.

Product Code: MIS

H x W: 3' x 4'   #MIS34M - $599

This board quickly gets you and your staff out of your trees to see your operation's forest and horizon beyond. Look at this board and immediately see all your project status answers for the year in simple comprehensive graphic form that anybody can understand. Everything is magnetic, flexible and movable so you are always up-to-date with Milestone-Tracker® on your wall. Optional pull-down privacy screen available. (click on board # in price list below and then the Options tab).

Fast and easy to set up and use: Post a goal at each milestone but also the progress and status of the project line-item underneath the goal. Optional magnetic cardholder color combinations (50 codes) let you instantly identify each goal category, and magnetic status signal colors quickly flag delays, bottlenecks and detailed daily status at each stage. The soft-gray shaded sub-row provides space to write details.

If you would like one of our experienced design specialists to help you select the right whiteboard kit for your requirement, or would like to consider a custom-designed whiteboard. Please Contact us or call us at 800 624 4154 (8-6, M-F, Eastern Time). No obligation. Our 50th year.

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“ We're keeping track of projects that are being managed by offices in all different locations. As you can imagine, that can become quite a cluster real quick. This board allows me to take all of that information that used to be spread out everywhere and condense it so that it can be visually managed it in a single spot. Now, projects are viewed in terms of their individual steps rather than only as a whole. This helps us to really understand what it is going to take to complete a project on time. That's hard to do if you don't know what a project consists of.    We like that any visitors in the office can instantly see where other projects are at. Since many of us are located in other offices, we don't always know what is going on with each other. This board helps keep everyone up to date, without having to make the extra effort to do formally.

Secretary - Municipal Government
Havre De Grace, MD

The Milestone-Tracker® Magnetic
whiteboard project line-item tracking system

h x w
with Magnets
& Dry-erase Tools
Dry-erase Tools
3' x 4' 10 8 SELECT
4' x 6' 14 14 SELECT
4' x 8' 14 21 SELECT
4' x 12' 14 34 SELECT

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GSA #GS-28F-0010Y

Made in USA
Veteran Owned

All Major Credit cards Supported

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