Topic performance numbers can mislead until you display them in a year time-span using magnet colors to see comparisons and trends evolving for your topics (productivity, attendance, goals, errors, accidents, etc.). It gives you a dramatic, very believable 24/7 image that grabs and holds your team's attention.

It's "hands-on" and very flexible: You can track sales, production, accidents, shipments, errors, fund raising goals, polls, team performance etc., any topic or location that may now be hidden or needs attention. Set it up to track several topics or one topic for several locations. Your imagination will lead you to all kinds of wonderful uses for this completely flexible Calendar-Block tracking board management tool.

At no extra cost you can order this board with your custom-printed board headings (or leave them blank). Just click on the board # in the price chart below and follow the "Modify Board" step-by-step instructions.

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Note: Consider custom-printing a board with your full-color logo, watermark, message or design. Thousands have.

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The Visible-Year Calendar-Block
Topic Activity Magnetic Scoreboard Tracker® Kits

To order it blank or custom-printed (at no charge) with your
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of Calendars
365-DAY Calendar-Blocks™
2x2'11 of 1#CBK-DY122M$269
3x2'21 of 2#CBK-DY232M339
4x2'31 of 3#CBK-DY342M379
3x4'42 of 2#CBK-DY434M479
4x4'62 of 3#CBK-DY644M599
4x6'93 of 3#CBK-DY946M739
4x8'124 of 3#CBK-DY1248M1019
4x10'155 of 3#CBK-DY15410M1329
4x12'186 of 3#CBK-DY18412M1599
52-WEEK Calendar-Blocks™
2x2'11 of 1#CBK-WY122M$269
3x2'21 of 2#CBK-WY232M339
3x2'31 of 3#CBK-WY332M359
4x2'41 of 4#CBK-WY442M379
3x4'62 of 3#CBK-WY634M479
4x4'82 of 4#CBK-WY844M599
4x6'164 of 4#CBK-WY1646M739
4x8'205 of 4#CBK-WY2048M1019
4x10'246 of 4#CBK-WY24410M1329
4x12'287 of 4#CBK-WY28412M1599
12-Month Calendar-Blocks™
2x2'21 of 2#CBK-MY222M$269
4x2'41 of 4#CBK-MY442M379
3x4'62 of 3#CBK-MY634M479
4x4'82 of 4#CBK-MY844M599
4x6'123 of 4#CBK-MY1246M739
4x8'164 of 4#CBK-MY1648M1019
4x10'205 of 4#CBK-MY20410M1329
4x12'246 of 4#CBK-MY24412M1599
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* Kits include: magnets in 5 colors to fit and post action in each calendar day, week or month cell, whiteboard markers and pens, board cleaner, magnetic eraser, PreciseLine® tape, 10-year magnet set, and WakTack® magnets for tacking documents on the board. (Click on model # above for large detailed board image and itemized detailed supplies with each board.)

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IMPORTANT: Please measure your space for wall-mounting the board. Boards include wall-mounting hardware.

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