#OEE46M-TDX 4x6' tracks effectiveness for 18 machines (with percentages suggested here for a plastics parts manufacturer)

If you use OEE formulas, this board displays the overall effectiveness percentages for each machine's Availability, Performance and Quality, quickly alerting you to consider corrective action.

When averaged (Avail. % x Perform. % x Qual. % ) each tool's performance metrics give you an overall OEE percentage (yellow column) that is easy to see, track and compare. Kits include color-coded 1-3/8 x 8" magnetic cardholders to fit the wide board cells and multiple color-coded magnetic signals to alert you for calls to action.

The column headings on this board read: (L-R)  MACHINE  /  RECORD  / DATE /  LOCATION  /   OEE EFFECTIVENESS (with sub-headings; AVAIL / PERFORM / QUAL / OEE ) / MACHINE  (with sub-headings; DOWN TIME / CYCLE TIME / NON-CONFORM TIME ) / CORRECTIVE ACTION / COMMENTS /.

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Note: Consider custom-printing a board with your full-color logo, watermark, message or design. Thousands have.

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OEE Overall Equipment Effectiveness Tracker®
Magnetic dry-erase Whiteboard Kits

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