Plain Magnetic Dry-erase Whiteboards

Magnetic whiteboards in a variety of display options.

Plain Magnatag® magnetic steel whiteboards come in a wide range of sizes and display options.

Top quality construction, they are built to stay like new for a lifetime of daily use.

Each board, with wall-mounting hardware, can be ordered board-only or as a kit ready-to-use with dry erase tools, board maintenance supplies and optional magnetic charting materials carefully-selected for each board size.

#WBVideoEnlargePlain Magnetic Steel Whiteboards
Plain Magnetic MagnaLux® Steel Whiteboards

with a porcelain-like steel dry-erase whiteboard. 12 Sizes

#WWMVideoEnlargeMagnetic Steel WhiteWall ® Wall Panels
Magnetic Steel WhiteWall® Wall Panels

Cover your walls with magnetic dry-erase steel WhiteWall®
paneling that encourages everyone to share their ideas.

#GGEnlargeGhost-Grid ™ Magnetic White Boards
White background GhostGrid Magnetic WhiteBoards

Like graph paper, it makes alignment easy. 8 Sizes, 3 scales

#GLEnlargePerfect-Writing ® Boards with Ghost Guidelines
Perfect-Writing® Whiteboards

with "disappearing" Ghost-White Guidelines. 6 Sizes

#PLREnlargeDry-Erase Plain White Markerboards (non-magnetic)
Dry-Erase White Markerboards:

Plain, row or column-printed.
6 sizes to 4x8'. Not Magnetic.

The dry-erase white working surface is baked on double-thick hardboard, self-edged and designed for moderate use. Not recommended for intensive daily write-on use like our steel whiteboards.

6 board sizes, hxw: 2x3,' 3x2', 3x4', 4x3', 4x6', 4x8'
4 Styles: Plain white, 4"w columns, 1"h rows, 1" grid
or printed to order (in volume).

#SBEVideoEnlargeHospital Patient Bedside framed boards
Hospital Patient Bedside Magnetic Whiteboards

Printed with your design. 10 Sizes from 1x1' to 3x3'

#OAUEnlargeOver & Under Plain & Grid Boards
Over & Under Grid / Plain Whiteboards

Top 2/3 is a 1x2" magnetic planning grid and
the bottom is a plain white. 6 Sizes

#SOSSEnlargeSide by Side Plain & Grid Boards
Side-by-Side Grid / Plain WhiteBoards. 6 Sizes

#AKVideoEnlargePrivateEye ® Privacy Screen
Private-Eye Privacy screens lowers over Whiteboards. Pulley-operated. 5 Sizes

#YNEnlargePlain Dry-Erase Portable Mini Boards
Dry-Erase MiniBoards Non-Magnetic
Portable & wall-hung, Plain & Printed. 3 Sizes

#GBPEnlargePlain Green Magnetic Board Kits
Green Steel Plain Magnetic Boards

Plain Magnetic Board kits

Like a classic billiard table, the rich, deep green
field enhances all the magnet colors. Not a write-on
surface. Complete kits with charting materials and magnets. 5 Sizes