#XSBI44M-TDX 4x4' for 76 school buses with drivers, & dept. schedule. Ready-to use with magnets, supplies and optional T-Card feature   $799

See and flexibly manage your daily schedule showing driver status, bus maintenance and use detail history. It also displays field trips, sub-driver assignments, school-year printed document display and daily action note posting area. The quickly changeable magnet symbols and magnetic cardholders let you see and manage a wealth of color-coded detail before having to read a word. For example: Just turn over the 2-sided magnet symbol from green to red to show when a driver is not available.

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Vehicle T-Card Feature
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Includes: framed dry-erase magnetic steel whiteboard heat-fused printed for this system, with or without T-Card file built-in slots aligned with each bus and vehicle printed row (patent pending), single and 4-up die-cut 5"h x 3-3/8"w 1" visible T-cards in 10 colors, FlashSpot 1/4" circle status signal labels for use on T-Cards, and a magnetic bulk T-card holder that clings to the lower portion of the board. 1" x 4" magnetic cardholders in 5 colors for driver names, card inserts in 10 colors, CD / ROM card-keying template (for printing both card inserts and T-cards), 2-Sided red-green magnet FlipOver® symbols to show driver availability, 3/8" dia. magnet circle symbols in 10 colors to show vehicle status color-codes, PreciseLine® chart line tape (for subdividing the board), patented magnetic ChartJacket® for neatly displaying school year information, magnet storage box, dry-erase pens in 4 colors, magnetic eraser / pen holder, pump-spray board cleaner, lint-free board wipes, WakTack® extra-strong magnets and MagnaSnap® adhesive-backed hinged magnet paper clamps to hold up to 10 paper sheets on the board (or any smooth dry surface)

Board system design ©2010 W. Krapf. All rights reserved.

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