Sales Prospect Tracker® Magnetic
dry-erase whiteboard system Kits

See each salesperson's step by step prospect-conversion progress in time
to offer any management closing help needed. 5 Sizes: 4 to 16 salespeople,
each tracking up to 15 prospects through 8 to 14 conversion steps.

Product Code: PSPT

H x W: 4' x 6'   #PSPT8846M-TDX - $1,089

With this board you can see, target, evaluate the status, predict and monitor the details of your sales team's daily step-by-step prospect development activity. It shows the status of each relationship in time to give management encouragement or corrective action. The one-on-one personal nature of this sales activity is often kept hidden from sales management to conceal failure and spotlight success.

2-sided FlipOver® magnet symbol colors show the status in each relationship development step: Yellow = To-do, Green = Completed, Red = Problem plus 3 extra colors for special codes. Display them through 8 to 14 steps to fit your organization's prospect-conversion process, from initial targeting through relationship maintenance. Each board comes with all the magnets and supplies you need to operate it.

At no extra cost you can order this board with your custom-printed board headings (or leave them blank). Just click on the board # in the price chart below and follow the “Modify Board” step-by-step instructions.

If you would like one of our experienced design specialists to help you select the right whiteboard kit for your requirement, or would like to consider a custom-designed whiteboard. Please Contact us or call us at 800 624 4154 (8-6, M-F, Eastern Time). No obligation. Our 50th year.

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The magnet colors visually show where we are slowing down with any given prospect and where the snags are so management can respond and help. When we do not convert a prospect into a regular customer, we now know just where the process went wrong and it identifies what prospects are more likely to be successful. It also gives our sales manager a tool to easily pull the sales process instead of the more traditional and arduous ‘push’ type system.    In summary, we are seeing each sales person's prospect-cusomer-development story as it happens.

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Rochester, NY

The Sales-Prospect Tracker® Board to visually track progress of
Sales Prospect or other Relationship Development Complete kits
ready-to-use with everything needed to operate them. *U-Word-It
To order your Free custom printed step column and board Headings:
Click on a board # below, and follow the "Modify Board" instructions.

rows per
WITH a built-in T-Card file
slot in each prospect row
(Patent pending)
T-card file
8 Sales Step-Columns Order it with blank heading spaces or printed with your special words, at no extra charge.
4' x 3' 4 8 15 SELECT
4' x 6' 8 8 15 SELECT
4' x 8' 10 8 15 SELECT
4' x 10' 12 8 15 SELECT
4' x 12' 16 8 15 SELECT
14 Sales Step-Columns Order it with blank heading spaces or printed with your special words, at no extra charge.
4' x 4' 4 14 15 SELECT
4' x 6' 6 14 15 SELECT
4' x 8' 8 14 15 SELECT
4' x 10' 10 14 15 SELECT
4' x 12' 12 14 15 SELECT

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Made in USA
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All Major Credit cards Supported

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