Shift-Notes 3-Shift 2-Day Communicator
Magnetic dry-erase printed whiteboard kits

Two consecutive 3-shift days side-by-side for intershift and management-team communication.

Product Code: STSS

H x W: 3' x 4'  #STSS334M - $629

This Shift-Notes 3-Shift 2-Day Communication Whiteboard will become the centerpiece of any team work center. With plenty of room each shift for detailed work instructions, production results, problems, task assignments.

It lets you deal with people and work issues shift-by-shift on a continuing basis around the clock.

Write directly on the porcelain-like steel whiteboard and use the optional magnetic cardholders for repetitive data (worker's names, work station identification and / or repetitive tasks such as cleaning, reworking, shutdown, changeover, etc.).

Perfect for one shift to see notes from the previous shift.

It has enough space for management to view the full day's events and post instructions and comments for the next day. At day's end, just switch the magnetic Today and Tomorrow headings so nothing has to be moved from one day to the next.

Effective managers receive as well as give out information. Personal face-to-face interaction is great if you can arrange it and put the time into it, but this board gives it to you 24/7 without a word being spoken! Give it a try and see for yourself!

Ships in 3 business days or less!

Shift-Notes 3-Shift, 2-Day Magnetic Printed Whiteboard System Kits

h x w
Shift h x w Price Each (all alike) with Magnets &
Dry-erase Tools
with Dry-erase Tools
One2 - 45 - 910 - 2425 +
3' x 4' 10-3/8" x 23-1/2" $629$609$592$572$554 SELECT#STSS334M SELECT#STSS334T
4' x 6' 14-3/4" x 35-1/2" $929$901$873$845$817 SELECT#STSS346M SELECT#STSS346T

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