The Skyscraper

Free-Standing Magnetic Glass Rotating Tower

The Skyscraper is our new freestanding glass rotating whiteboard tower. This glass whiteboard tower is ideal for grabbing attention and sharing what's happening with your team. They are great for open workspaces, hallways, workstations and anywhere you want to share a message where people gather. This beautiful tower demands attention and fits in beautifully with any office aesthetic.

If you have something you want people to know, put it on a Skyscraper and get the awareness you're looking for.

Patent Pending

Highest Quality Magnetic Glass

We start with the clearest glass on the market.
Many glass boards on the market have a
higher lead and iron content which gives the
glass a green hue. The lead and iron in their
glass make it cheaper because it makes
the glass easier to temper at lower
temperatures. Our low lead, low iron glass
requires a higher level of craftsmanship to
work at the high temperatures necessary to
produce a crystal clear, vibrant white glass board.

Innovative Pen and Eraser Holder

The SkyScraper pens are placed into the corner of of the tower for convenience.
The eraser has a magnetic docking location on the surface of the left panel.

Beautiful German Beechwood

We use a beautiful manufactured beechwood from
Germany. It is super strong as well as uniquely beautiful.

Marquee Headings

Every Skyscraper Comes with 4 Transparent Marquee
Heading Templates and precision-cut adhesive vinyl letter
sets. Stick the desired message to the transparent heading
template and then slip it behind the glass. Templates are
designed to fit perfectly behind the header of each glass panel.

Available with Black or White Leveling Threaded-Stem Casters

The skyscraper has a display space
slightly larger than a 4 x 8' wall board.
All of the glass panels are magnetic and work with neodymium magnets. Also check out our GlassGrip® supply products
Our 3/16" tempered glass panels are incredibly durable. Tempered glass can handle tremendous impacts without cracking or shattering. Our tempered glass can withstand an impact of 6,000 psi.
We are so confident in the Skyscraper's sturdy construction, that if there is any damage during transit we will immediately rush you a replacement, no questions asked. Your Skyscraper will arrive packed tightly on its pallet. This product is heavy, with a weight of 182 lbs.
1 - 41 @ $2,996
5 - 9 $2,908
10 + $2,816
Add casters + $79



2031 O'Neill Road, Macedon, NY 14502


GSA #GS-28F-0010Y

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