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A Guide to Calendar Scheduling & Organization for Business

Thu Nov 21 2013

In the business world, timing is critical. Customers expect you to be there on time and being late to a meeting can make you and your company look unprofessional. To be successful in business, you need to be able to utilize the tools available for calendar scheduling and organization. Magnetic calendars make it easy to organize, schedule, and visually share your team's activity and objectives. It is the people who are the most organized and on time who are most often able to take advantage of the biggest opportunities.

  • Magnetic Whiteboard Calendar & Scheduling Kits - How to simplify and make it easy to organize, schedule, and visually share your team's activity and objectives with magnetic calendars.
  • Scheduling - The University of Kentucky offers a comprehensive look at how mathematical formulas are used to determine proper scheduling.
  • The Scheduling Problem - A very straightforward approach to the algorithms and mathematical equations that go into the scheduling process from the University of California at Berkeley.
  • Sequencing - Pearson Higher Education breaks down the concept of sequencing into all of its mathematical elements and lays out exactly how sequencing works.
  • Real-Time Process Scheduling - An interesting look at process scheduling and the most efficient ways to create the schedule that works best for your organization.

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