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Fri Oct 6 2017
By: Mike P

There's only so much time in your workday, and without a bulletproof scheduling system, it can be tough to stay on task and on time. If you're a frequent visitor of our blog, it's likely you've stumbled across a few of our time management resources in the past. A few months ago, we shared a story about a Magnatag customer that was using our whiteboards to aid in the development of his time blocking strategy—we even created a separate blog post breaking down time-blocking strategies for beginners. After creating these posts, we realized there's a lot of interest in learning more about time-blocking strategies. With this in mind, we put together a new infographic that details additional time-blocking strategies, tips, and statistics that can help improve your time management efforts. Check it out and let us know what you think!
Thanks for taking the time to check out our infographic. Before you go develop a time-blocking strategy of your own, you'll want to check out our collection of magnetic dry erase calendars to get you started.

Tue Jul 25 2017
By: Mike P

In the wake of the horrific aftermath of 2005’s Hurricane Katrina, residents of Brandon, Mississippi, were left with a permanent mark on their consciousness, reminding the community of the devastation that resulted in over 1500 fatalities and 108 billion dollars in damages. Even for those that have been able to put Katrina’s devastation behind them, the fears still remain buried deep underneath, reemerging with each announcement of an inbound weather warning. It’s a reaction that has sparked somewhat of a movement for the city, with Mayor, Butch Lee, assembling a Community Emergency Response Team (or CERT) to help educate and prepare citizens in the event of an emergency response scenario.

Mon May 1 2017
By: Mike P

What’s one thing you find most customers are looking for when they contact a member of our sales team?
I’d have to say that a lot of times people will take a look at either our catalogue or our online web presence and ask for help. We offer so many products that I think it can be overwhelming at times to find a system that works for you. That’s a large part of the role I play as a Visual Systems Specialist; my job is designed to assist companies when it comes to the intricacies involved with visualizing information. Having accessibility to someone with a collective understanding of our products and the problems they alleviate is a huge benefit to many of our customers.


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