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Planning For What's Ahead - Understanding The Benefits Of A Business Calendar

Wed Jun 4 2014
The purpose of the modern day calendar is to keep us on track, remind us of important dates, and to countdown to special occasions. In business, using a calendar is of the utmost importance; regardless of whether you are a company president, CEO, or an hourly employee, the use of a business calendar can help you with keeping to a specific schedule, prevent you from missing important meetings, and assist with keeping up with other coworkers' schedules. Comprehensive calendars also encourage collaboration and improve coordination between team members.

One increasingly popular method of displaying valuable and important information for businesses is using magnetic whiteboard calendars.  Here at Magnatag, we offer several customizable whiteboard planning calendars with carefully selected magnetic kits that allow you to quickly and efficiently plan, post, change and update your activities and dates.  These types of calendars provide a daily, weekly or yearly view along with plenty of extra space to write down information about that specific day, and what you have planned. Here, you can write down meeting times, project due dates, and any other pertinent business related details. These business calendars can also provide a monthly view of the prior and next months, so you can look ahead and highlight any important upcoming dates, or look back a month to see what occurred or was scheduled. Writing important dates down is also a good way to help you remember them for the future.

In addition to traditional business day calendars and large magnetic dry erase calendars, there are programs available for your computer that can assist you with keeping up with schedules. Many email programs, like Microsoft's Outlook come with a calendar that can be shared with others in your company. Google also provides helpful tools for business calendars, among many others. These business-friendly programs are a great way to integrate your schedule within your email, making access very easy and user-friendly.

Adding an event to the electronic or virtual calendar will help you to remember it, and you can invite others to accept the invitation for the event. By doing this, everyone is on the same page with what is going on, and it is a great way to coordinate dates, meetings, and other important things among several employees all at once. Another perk to this format of electronic business calendar is that it will send reminders. There are even options to choose from that will remind you a day in advance to several minutes in advance of the particular event.

Juggling so many different things can be a challenge, whether you work for a small business or a large corporation; the more people you work with or deal with on a daily basis, the more frequent your need to refer to a calendar will most likely be. Implement a policy in your company that asks everyone to contribute to the business calendar when they have something to keep track of on a particular date. This way, everyone will be on the same page with what is going on within the company, and coworkers where know where one another is at any given time. It can really help to streamline everyone's ability to better manage their time. These calendars are also helpful for tracking things like sick days and vacation time, and can be integrated with human resources to track time off of workers. It is a helpful tool for anyone who needs to remember appointments with business partners, potential customers, or job interviewees. Keeping an up to date business calendar is integral to making sure your company runs smoothly, and will help allow everyone to better focus on the more important aspects of business.

For more information on using and integrating business calendars for your company, please refer to the following websites:

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