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Healthcare and Hospitals

Blog posts that relate to news in the healthcare and hospital fields or case studies conducted with our healthcare and hospital customers.

The Best Ways To Improve Patient Care Scheduling

Tue Sep 12 2017
By: Mike P

There’s no single method for handling healthcare scheduling. Over the past 50 years, we’ve worked alongside thousands of healthcare facilities that are looking to provide employees and patients with timely access to a scheduling process that works. So rather than explain the intricacies involved in the scheduling process of each healthcare clinic we’ve worked with, we’ve collected some of the most common misconceptions that prevent facilities from offering timely and convenient access to health services and listed some of the best strategies to help improve your appointment scheduling workflow.

Scheduling Preferences Vary Based Upon Setting. Adjust Appointment Scheduling Accordingly.
The challenge is that many healthcare directors are quick to group healthcare environments into one giant bucket and approach appointment scheduling from a company-wide angle. It’s a blanket approach that’s far too common in larger healthcare facilities. Imagine that you’re in charge of a multi-million dollar healthcare facility and you're expected to improve quality scores and expand the bottom-line: it’s easy to understand how quickly the lines between efficiency and quality can be blurred.

4 Takeaways from the Lean Healthcare Transformation Summit

Fri Jun 9 2017
By: Mike P

Yesterday marked the end of day two of the Lean Healthcare Transformation Summit. In case you missed what went down during day one of the conference, we posted an entire recap featuring the biggest takeaways from the addresses and breakout sessions (which you can read right here ). We’ve been following along with the conference’s second day of sessions and breakouts to create yet another recap of the day’s biggest talking points.

3 Takeaways From The Lean Heathcare Transformation Summit: Day 1

Thu Jun 8 2017
Yesterday marked the start of the 8th annual Lean Healthcare Transformation Summit. The conference, which is being held in Palm Springs, California, offers healthcare leaders an opportunity to learn about how to create and stabilize organizational change with the help of Lean practices. Many attendees have been using the hashtag, #hcsummit17, to share their takeaways from the big event, providing their followers with some informative case studies and tips to improve standards in healthcare. We were following along all afternoon and compiled a list of five big takeaways from the conferences first session.