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Schedule With Simplicity: The Magnatag Difference

Schedule With Simplicity: The Magnatag Difference

Thu Jan 19 2017
By: Mike P

Here at Magnatag, we frequently receive hundreds of emails looking for a better way to optimize scheduling systems. Take this whiteboard below for example: While it may be messy at first glance, to members of the Nursing unit at a Washington, DC hospital, this whiteboard provided an innate degree of order to the hospital staff. Created using a plain whiteboard paired with some black industrial tape, the dry erase board was used as a room/patient assignment board that detailed which patients were assigned to specific rooms, as well as the nurses and doctors assigned to their case. We often receive requests from users of industrial tape when it comes to issues maintaining a dry erase surface. Unfortunately, using thick industrial-strength tapes on any whiteboard can often leave behind residue that can be difficult to remove, causing permanent damage to the surface. Adopters of industrial strength tape often come to us looking for a quick fix for this issue, however in most cases, the damage has already been done. Unfortunately, whiteboard cleaning and conditioning solutions are not developed to combat tape residue, which leaves us with our hands tied . It's a problem that's not only inconvenient, but downright avoidable—which makes it all the more frustrating.

The second most frequent complaint we see from layouts like the one above is that thick tapes make information increasingly difficult to comprehend. Thicker lines draw the eye away from the negative space on the whiteboard, which in turn makes the information difficult to locate and comprehend. The basic principles of whiteboard scheduling are simple: the thicker the lines on your chart, the less visible your writing will become. The entire purpose of a dry erase scheduling system is to take information that may not be readily available to the masses, and place it in an environment where everyone has access to it at a moment's glance. Placing thick tape is not only harmful to your dry erase board, but downright counterintuitive when it boils down to functionality and ease-of-use.

Our goal at Magnatag is to make displaying and communicating information simple and painless. The road to simplicity starts by both eliminating communication barriers and streamlining information, which are two elements of our design process that happen to be at the foundation of every whiteboard we manufacture. After taking a look at United's tape whiteboard, our design team was able to create a layout that not only matched the previous design, but also enhanced its potential: The most notable change made is the 1.5" horizontal margins that cover the entirety of the board. Gone are the inconsistent, crooked, and messy lines from the do-it-yourself board; the new redesign brings together a sleek and clean layout that focuses attention to the details that matter the most. The entirety of the whiteboard was printed using Magnatag's proprietary printing process, which pairs heat and pressure to create a permanent high definition print on a dry erase surface.

Each custom board we design is carefully examined and developed to guarantee your most important information is at the top priority of the focus in your organization. Creating a whiteboard with thin, easy to navigate lines, enables the end user to spend less time searching for what's happening in your organization.

If you happen to be interested in having a whiteboard makeover of your own, feel free to contact our sales team (Sales@Magnatag.com).