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A Few Reasons We're Thankful This Thanksgiving

A Few Reasons We're Thankful This Thanksgiving

Wed Nov 22 2017
By: Mike P

It’s hard to believe that Thanksgiving is just a few days away. In an effort to celebrate the holiday, we wanted to reflect on a few reasons we’re thankful this holiday season.

Our Team
We wouldn’t be where we are today if it wasn’t for our dedicated team of employees. Our employees work around the clock to ensure your orders receive the dedicated attention to detail we pride ourselves on. Whether it’s a member of our sales team reaching out to a first-time buyer, a member of our printing team working on a custom-printed whiteboard, or a member of our shipping department making sure each order arrives at its final destination, our employees play a large role in Magnatag’s success.

Our Friends & Families
The company our employees keep is equally important to us. You’ve been there to help recharge the batteries when the weeks grow long, and we can’t thank you enough being the ultimate support system.

That’s right, we’re thankful for you. Regardless of whether you’re a longtime customer or first-time visitor, we appreciate that you’ve invested your time in our business. We understand that your time is important, and just knowing that we’ve made something that is worthy of a few minutes of your day makes our work all the more enjoyable. Using your feedback we have—and will continue to—innovate and change the way we use whiteboards. Your support is what has helped keep the lights on for over 50 years. Thanks!

On behalf of the entire Magnatag Team, we’d like to wish you and your family an enjoyable, relaxing, and happy Thanksgiving.

Halloween Around The World: 5 Elaborate Festivals That Celebrate The Dead

Mon Oct 30 2017
By: Mike P

Here at Magnatag, we take pride in knowing that our whiteboards help businesses visually communicate big-picture objectives and shed light on the lesser-known details that keep your organization running. In the spirit of Halloween, we thought we'd follow in our own footsteps and shed some light on some of the world's lesser known Halloween festivities. Take a look at the infographic below to see 5 of the most elaborate halloween festivals celebrated in Mexico, Hati, Ireland, China, and Nepal!
4 Lessons About Creativity We Can All Learn From ‘OK Go’

4 Lessons About Creativity We Can All Learn From ‘OK Go’

Mon Jul 10 2017
By: Mike P

Ted Talks are a great source of inspiration for the forward-thinking individual. With speakers ranging from ex-presidents to world-renown comedians, Ted’s content always feels fresh and insightful. In May the company welcomed American rock band, OK Go, to take the stage and discuss the thought process behind the band’s number of unique and entrancing music videos. The talk, How To Find a Wonderful Idea, uncovered some of the technical aspects buried beneath the band’s videography, but the gist of the conversation centered around how to spark creativity when looking for your next great idea. It’s an issue we’re no strangers to here at Magnatag, and we’d venture to guess the same could be said for your business too. Here are some of the bands takeaways: