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Tue Dec 24 2013

Hey Everyone!

My name is Tom Shaw, and I'm a Visible Systems Specialist for Magnatag. I'm looking forward to contributing fresh, great, & informative content for all of our readers, but first, I would like to introduce myself a bit.

I'm originally from Cincinnati, Ohio, and graduated with a degree in communications in 2000. I originally started my career in my home state of Ohio, around the Cincinnati area, but after some time there, I felt that a little change would be good. This is when I was presented with the opportunity to join the outstanding team at Magnatag, and didn't even hesitate at the chance to join.

Since I joined the team here at Magnatag Visible Systems, I've developed extensive experience in helping both individual professionals, as well as companies, solve any communication, creativity, productivity, scheduling, or information display problems they might have. Since I started I have learned how magnets, color-codes, different tables and layouts can have a dramatic affect on how people digest information and how that information affects their behavior. Armed with my columns and rows, magnets and color-codes I have helped thousands of people design custom magnetic whiteboard systems that motivate behavior, track trends and influence action by sharing information in the right place in the right way. After many years of dealing with customers, I’m a firm believer in the use of whiteboards as an essential communication/information tool in the workplace. Magnatag has been a premier whiteboard source for over forty-seven years and is continually working with customers to develop new products that help people share what’s happening.

I like to stay up to date with the newest innovations in communication technology. I’m an avid reader of many tech and business publications and blogs. I’m also always up for a healthy debate on the latest news and innovations!

As for other interests, one of my passions is that of health and fitness. I’m a big believer in exercising regularly, eating healthy, and a lot of my free time is spent training for marathons.

As a husband, and father of two children (one girl and one boy!), any time that there can be 'family time' is fantastic. As a family, we particularly enjoy visiting Florida each year, where my wife is originally from, to just take in the great weather, and to lay on the beach. It's something that we look forward to each year!

Here with Magnatag, I'm very much looking forward to sharing ideas, stories, tips and interesting content with all of you, as well as generating some great back-and-forth conversation.

Feel free to connect with me through social media:

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