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Division I Programs Use Magnatag Products for Game Prep

Division I Programs Use Magnatag Products for Game Prep

Tue Apr 7 2015
As another March Madness ends, coaches are naturally curious to learn how the top programs prepare for games.  How do coaches communicate strategies so players have a clear picture of what they need to do to win? Some university athletic programs such as Sacred Heart University come to Magnatag Visible Systems for help developing the visual tools they need. Interestingly enough, the current Sacred Heart coaches adopted the strategy of using a Magnatag custom whiteboard for their game preparation from former employer, Hofstra University.

“I came from Hofstra where we had Magnatag design a whiteboard for the men’s basketball team. When I saw it I said that is so great – I think we need something like that,” said Mannetti, the current head coach of the women’s basketball team for SHU. “Steinway, the director of basketball operations at the time suggested I call Magnatag because they did a great job for [Hofstra men’s basketball program]. So we kind of scooped you guys up and put you to work and you did a great job for us. I love it, its exactly what we need.”
“[The whiteboard is] our locker room scouting board – we use it for all game prep – we have all our scouting information on the left side, diagram information on the right side in the middle we have a message section where we can write keys to win to convey how to be effective for the game.”
“The format of the board helps us organize our scout,” said Mannetti. “When you compartmentalize it with personnel, a game plan and way to win, it really helps the players to understand what we are asking them to do and how to do it so we can be effective.”

This year was Mannetti’s first season using Magnatag’s customized whiteboard. Previously, she was using a plain whiteboard and she had to write on it and erase constantly and with the customized whiteboard, everything is pre-printed and customized saving hours of valuable time with Sacred Heart’s colors and basketball court. Mannetti uses the whiteboard before every home match for game preparation.

Both the men’s and women’s basketball programs at Sacred Heart University are using Magnatag’s custom whiteboards for their game operations. Magnatag has worked with several university athletic programs to customize a whiteboard that fits their athletic operation’s n