Author: Victoria Burns
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Author: Victoria Burns

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6 Surprising Benefits of Organizational Charts

Wed Sep 2 2015
An organizational chart is much more than a bunch of employee pictures and job titles. Most believe that an organizational chart is simply used for defining structure and power in the company; however, it has many more benefits that you may not have thought of.

How to Get Business People to Think Through Complex Issues

Thu Aug 20 2015
WhiteWalls are the cornerstone of rooms where great ideas are hatched. They are a place where ideas and creativity come together among teams and businesses. Occasionally, I come across great ideas expressed in simple form on a whiteboard. Here’s one I’d like to share.

Surprising Results from the Use of Whiteboards in Hospitals

Tue Aug 11 2015
The Journal of Hospital Medicine’s, “Patient Whiteboards as a Communication Tool in the Hospital Setting: A Survey of Practices and Recommendations” is a very interesting study for anyone working or interested in the medical field. Communication is important in every field, but especially crucial in the medical field and that’s why I thought it was a significant study to share.