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UNC Health Care Utilizes Magnatag for Six Sigma Projects

UNC Health Care Utilizes Magnatag for Six Sigma Projects

Tue Jun 9 2015
In the healthcare industry, employees are constantly seeking ways to continuously improve and increase the quality and safety of a facility. UNC Health Care, awarded 19 times for its leadership in quality and safety, came to Magnatag for products to implement its recent lean six-sigma projects in its OB/GYN department.

“I am using the Magnatag [ChartJackets] specifically for a lean six-sigma purple belt project,” said Olivia Roberts, Patient Care Manager for the OB/GYN Outpatient Clinics at UNC Health Care. “Magnatag products are helping me display data and display the next steps to hold the staff accountable for the projects.”

Six-sigma focuses on reducing the variation in processes that lead to failures. According to MedScape, by achieving six-sigma, the failure rate per million opportunities is minimized to 3.4 failures, translating to a 99.9996% success rate.

Part of Roberts focus was to hold accountability as the project was progressing and after the project was implemented. As part of the six-sigma purple belt project, the OB/GYN department implemented kaizen as well, a method of continuous improvement, which is considered by some to be the building block of the lean production methods.

“We had a Kaizen event the week of January 26 and the week long project was standardizing our exam room and supply closet in the outpatient OB/GYN practice,” said Roberts. “After the event, for the next 30, 60 and 90 days we tracked the progress on the board using Magnatag materials.”

The goal of the project was to ensure accountability after the execution of the project, which included standardizing the multiple supply closets, standardizing every exam room and the cabinets utilized outside of every exam room.

The kaizen event held in January is the first of four lean projects that Roberts will implement and she plans to reuse the Magnatag ChartJackets for all of the projects.

“That’s the good thing about the Magnatag [ChartJackets] – they are reusable,” said Roberts. “We can continue to use them as the clinic evolves.”

UNC Quality Improvement Department recommended Magnatag to UNC Health Care and made it easy to order.

“The woman that I spoke to [at Magnatag] was really great. She was able to walk me through the ordering process and the products came really quickly, which was really important to us,” said Roberts. “I like that the chartjackets are reusable and they are really good quality – they are thick and able to hold up everything – I’m very pleased with that.”

Magnatag has provided products to hospitals and factories to help them successful implement lean programs for several years.

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