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6 Surprising Benefits of Organizational Charts

6 Surprising Benefits of Organizational Charts

Wed Sep 2 2015
An organizational chart is much more than a bunch of employee pictures and job titles. Most believe that an organizational chart is simply used for defining structure and power in the company; however, it has many more benefits that you may not have thought of.
  • Communication is easier and better
    Shows employees who they are reporting to and who to communicate with in their department as well as others.

  • Encourages creativity
    According to yourarticlelibrary.com article, when employees gain a sense of belonging from being part of an organization as well as being recognized for their skill, their creativity improves.

  • Helps meet business goals through better collaboration
    When employees can visually see where they fit within the company, it is easier to lay out what role they will play in meeting business objectives.

  • Guide employees to know their responsibilities and shows relationships between employees
    When employees can see who they are supposed to report to and who they are working with, it gives them a better idea of their role and responsibilities in the company. Showing relationships between employees helps new hires or transfers meet and recognize each other and show’s who is who.

  • Easier to view promotional opportunities for employees
    When a company is well organized, it shows leadership where there is room for development and employment opportunities as well as gives them the opportunity to recognize accomplishments within the company.

  • Shows the size and strength of a company
    Gives senior management a unique view of the company by visually communicating the relative size and strength of the company.

Without clear organization, successful communication and accountability will suffer. From meeting business goals to encouraging creativity, an organizational chart is essential for a businesses’ success. As manufacturers of whiteboards, Magnatag Visible Systems understands the benefits of organizational charts and knows how important these tools are to businesses. For more information, visit https://www.magnatag.com/ghost-gridded-organizational-charts



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