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Three Unique Ways To Get Rid Of Permanent Marker Stains

Three Unique Ways To Get Rid Of Permanent Marker Stains

Tue Oct 13 2015
By: Mike P

Everyone’s seen it happen before: the teacher leaves the room, the students run up to the whiteboard, and just as they lift the pen off the board they realize their fate has been sealed.

As you may have guessed, they wrote on the board with permanent marker. Some teachers will choose to call the janitorial staff to clean off the board, while others will rely on their inner MacGyver to bail them free. Here’s our list of three unorthodox ways to remove permanent marker from dry erase surfaces:

(Please note: Not all dry erase surfaces are the same. Before putting any of these tricks to use, test them on a sample surface to ensure the quality of your dry-erase surface!)
  1. Draw Over The Writing With Dry Erase Marker
    Believe it or not, this trick works like a charm. Just trace over the permanent marker and voila! Whiteboard markers contain a certain dissolvent that prevents them from sticking to dry erase surfaces. After mixing together with the permanent ink, you can easily scrub away any markings that may have been left behind.
  2. Use a “Magic Eraser”
    Promoted primarily as a stain remover, these sponge-like erasers work exceptionally well when it comes to removing any trace of permanent ink on dry erase surfaces. A ton of companies make products like this, but we here at Magnatag have found Mr. Clean’s magic eraser to work best.
  3. WD40
    Is there anything this solution cannot do? With over 2000 uses, everyone is bound to have this nifty solution hanging around their home. Just simply apply the solution to the dry erase board, and swipe all your worries away!

After you have removed the ink from the board, be sure to purchase some Pandaboard whiteboard cleaner—for the purpose of quality assurance. Got any other alternatives? Feel free to share in the comments below! For all your office supply needs, visit Magnatag.com

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