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Introducing Whiteboards We Love

Fri Jul 15 2016
By: Mike P

Whiteboards are everywhere: in the office, behind the counter at your local coffee shop, in a coaches hand during the final moments of a championship game, in your child’s kindergarten classroom. To many people, they’re considered a go-to resource for articulating and embracing ideas and conversations.

It’s no surprise that at Magnatag, whiteboards are our passion. Our offices are quite literally filled wall to wall with everything ranging from inspirational quotes down to monthly calendars. To put it simply: we can’t get enough of dry erase products.

We believe there is something mesmerizing about a dry erase surface. That’s why we’ve decided to start a new weekly topic that highlights some of the most unique and innovative whiteboard creations.

Every Friday, we’ll feature a one-of-a-kind whiteboard design, created by our community. In the case that it can be arranged, we’ll provide you with a short Q&A featuring the artist behind the creation, uncovering the inspirations, design choices and work that coincide with the piece.

Along the way, if you find something you would like us to share, you can tag it alongside the hashtag #WhiteboardsWeLove for a chance to be featured on one of our social channels, including the Magnatag Insight blog.

For the first week of our program, we chose an image that may be familiar to some of our loyal Magnatag devotees. Created by one of our in-house graphic designers, this illustration showcases the Rochester City Skyline. Check it out below: Have you found any whiteboards worth sharing? Mention us  on Twitter (@Magnatag)  and Facebook (Facebook.com/Magnatag) using the hashtag #WhiteboardsWeLove and we'll share some of our favorites! We'll be back next Friday with more eye-catching designs!

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