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Spring-Cleaning: The Best Ways To Clean Your Office

Spring-Cleaning: The Best Ways To Clean Your Office

Sat Mar 12 2016
By: Mike P

Picture this: You’re in a room surrounded by a few coffee mugs and scattered post-it notes, flooded with folders of printed memos and important documents that cover the desktop in front of you, while sitting in a chair that is covered with outerwear fit for any scenario mother nature throws your way.

If this place sounds a familiar to you, the good news is you’re not alone.

In an article conducted by Sheila McClear of the New York Post, McClear clarified something that many office workers have questioned for quite a while: That messy desk is likely to affect your perception in the workplace.

With the snow melting and spring just around the corner, there is no better time to get your office organized! So before you get started, here is a list of 5 tips to help you keep your workspace fresh:
  1. Start Scheduling

    While this tip doesn’t require you to actually clean anything, it does play into the entire purpose of spring-cleaning: To get organized. I’ve already covered the immense amount of value planning can provide to your quality of life once before, so we can skip ahead to all the fun stuff.

    You can start by allocating a centralized location for all your scheduling needs. Whether it is a giant whiteboard or something more personal like a pocket planner, you want to get into the habit of writing things down. Studies indicate that the act of writing increases brain activity, making it easier to remember important dates and times. In fact, this is something you can get started on right away; plan a day for your spring-cleaning and make an event out of it!

  2. File, File, File.

    It is no secret that one of the leading causes of a messy workplace is paperwork. Between printed emails, memos, and spreadsheets, your desktop can become a dump zone for paperwork in seconds. This spring you should focus on organizing files into folders and filing systems. If you happen to stumble upon any documents that may be of interest to other members of your team, scan and upload them for company-wide accessibility. For any unwanted documents, use a paper shredder to keep confidential information safe and your desk clean. Not only will filing help keep your workspace free, but it also makes finding important documents a breeze.

  3. Label Everything.

    As you begin to pack away unwanted items from your workstation, putting labels to use is a great way to ensure your office stays spotless for a long time. You can start by zoning select areas of your office to store unneeded supplies. Actions like creating a mail station not only bring an additional level of organization to your office space, but also create a solid line of communication between your coworkers and yourself. This can help you get control of your incoming paperwork and avoid future clutter.

  4. Tie Up Loose Cords

    There are few things that create a bigger eyesore than a web of tangled computer cords. As any tech aficionado will tell you, cord management can be just as, if not more important, than staying up to date on the latest tech trends. Some popular methods for organizing cords range from color-coding specific wires with specialty ties, and creating a hanging cord organizer for USB chargers. You can find a complete list of DIY cord management items here.

  5. Get To Scrubbing

    Once you’ve cleared your desk and can find yourself at peace with your new workstation, most of the hard work has been completed. Now you’ll want to shift the focus of your cleaning efforts to any areas that you frequently interact with, as they can easily harbor germs. Germs can be scary for a multitude of reasons: They impact your health, they can cause workplace attendance issues, and they can have an impact on your level of productivity (just to name a few).

    The last thing anyone wants is to have their office become a cesspool of sickness, that’s why being able to stop germs at their source, is crucial to maintaining a healthy workspace.

    Scrub down any item you touch on a daily basis with the help of a disinfecting solution. Here’s a DIY solution I really like to use, curiosity of the people over at the Clean Mama Blog:
    Disinfectant Ingredients:
    • 1/2 cup of white vinegar (vinegar alone has natural germ-killing properties)
    • 2 cups of hot water (hot water to dissolve the ingredients properly)
    • 1 teaspoon Arm + Hammer Washing soda (not necessary, but I like the extra cleaning kick that it provides to the solution)
    • 10 drops Melaleuca essential oil (also known as tea tree oil) – this is a natural oil that is notorious for killing germs.  Yes, the tea tree oil has a strong scent, but it also has strong cleaning power.

With the knowledge now in your hands, it is up to you to begin your 2016 spring-cleaning journey! Send us pictures of your renovated workspace to social@magnatag.com; we’ll be posting them throughout the season to our Pinterest page!

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