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Planning For The New Year With Magnatag

Planning For The New Year With Magnatag

Mon Feb 1 2016
By: Mike P

At Magnatag Visible Systems, we practice what we preach. So as we begin to plan for the New Year, many people around the office are turning to our GiantYear® 365-day dry erase calendars to help coordinate various plans around the office.

Our marketing department houses a three-month variation of the board, which displays important dates for advertising publications, as well as other digital releases. The marketing team likes to treat this editorial calendar as a public domain of sorts; since contracts with publishers and online outlets are ever changing, there is a constant need for people to be in the loop with the what’s, where’s, and when’s of every advertising campaign. The whiteboard calendar is a hands-on tool for everyone in the office, providing an open opportunity for editing as needed.

Other members of our team, including managers of our I.T. department, use their GiantYear® calendar to stay on top of on website updates and new product launches:

“It’s great to have just hanging around the office. Whether it is a team meeting or something more intimately tied to the design of our site, I can always use the calendar as a point of reference. I think that aspect of it, combined with the hands-on nature of the unit, is what makes it so helpful”

It should be no secret that communication lies at the center of every successful business operation. So here at Magnatag, we look no further than our own products to help our employees stay connected.

Magnatag’s COO, Christian Krapf, finds that using dry erase calendars throughout the office helps ensure the company’s goals are never lost in the minds of our employees:

“There is no other tool that is as powerful as our GiantYear® calendar. We implement them in the office to help keep track of company goals and milestones, and I couldn’t imagine a better way to get this information to the masses.”

And with technology at the forefront of our everyday lives, some skeptics continue to ask the question: “why whiteboards?”

Krapf believes that the answer to this question is hidden in the passive nature of visual display boards.

“Whiteboards are always in the room, making them readily available for reference. There is no need to search through a program because everything is easily accessible. There is never a constant call for engagement; GiantYear® calendars provide you with scheduling information at your convenience.”

And Magnatag isn’t the only company utilizing the GiantYear® calendars to plan the New Year; over 200 GiantYear® systems were installed in 2015 alone. This makes the GiantYear® calendar one of the most widely used organizational tools in the nation!

GiantYear® dry erase calendars give you a tangible method for planning your entire year, so you never lose sight of what’s important. If you are interested in purchasing a GiantYear® calendar of your own, you can visit our website, or call our toll-free number at, 1-800-624-4154

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