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11 Organizational Charts That Every Business Should Have

11 Organizational Charts That Every Business Should Have

Mon Jan 6 2014
Proper and efficient organization is vital in any line of work, but those in the business world especially know how important it can be. Throughout my career, I've worked in situations that were less than ideal when it comes to proper organization, so I certainly don't take it for granted when things have great format and structure.

I'm here to help assist you in bringing more structure and organization to your business, and especially to help you make meetings run more efficiently. The following are some different types of organizational charts that I would like to share with that, that you'll definitely find to be helpful.
  1. Calendar Planners – Calendars can make it much simpler to not only schedule dates of all sorts, but to map out objectives and goals for your entire team, with the dates that they need to be completed by. With a magnetic calendar whiteboard, it can be much simpler than the hassle of using dry erase markers, as you can just move different objectives all over the calendar.
  2. Key Performance Whiteboard – By showing a team or individual's progress in visuals can be more motivating than most might think. With a Key Performance Pyramid Whiteboard, the chart can gauge aspects of the business, including production, quality, revenue, and more, and members of your team will be motivated to stay on track by staying in the green, while avoiding the red areas.
  3. Master Project Log – You will all know as well as I do, there is always more than one project going on. A Project Log is key for your business, because by having a chart that outlines each project, with the associated team members, due date, and a section for notes, it's the perfect way to keep your team on track with any project that is given out.
  4. 7-Day Work Schedule Whiteboard – Especially in a work environment where there are a lot of different departments, or even units like in a Hospital setting, a 7-Day Work Schedule Whiteboard will undoubtedly enhance the structure and organization at your company. It's good to not only outline shifts for the week, but to include detailed notes of any projects associated with any particular shifts.
  5. The Hot Issues Whiteboard – I've been there in my career, and surely so have you. Not everything always goes smoothly, and any issues that arise, especially controversial ones, need to be addressed. With a Hot Issues Whiteboard, you can display 20 of the biggest issues, a point of contact, why it's on the board, a potential resolution, and more.
  6. Project Priority Whiteboard – As I said, in any work environment, especially in business, there are always plenty of projects to go around, but which should be at the top of the list, in terms of the highest priority? A Project Priority Whiteboard can be useful for your business, by helping you to separate, at the very least, the order in which certain projects should be completed.
  7. 365-Day and 730-Day Timeline GrandPlanner – I mentioned how it would be great to plan one week ahead, but can you imagine planning a year ahead or longer? With a Timeline GrandPlanner, you can lay out an organized, long-term plan, whether it be for a new product, program, or marketing plan, that your company wants to implement. Thinking long-term is often a key to success.
  8. Staff Duty Whiteboard – With projects, and with each day, keep track of who is assigned to what task on any given day with a Staff Duty Whiteboard. With this organizational chart, you can have up to 50 names and positions at a time.
  9. Magnetic Thermochart – Visual images are both powerful and motivating. They always have been for me personally, and I've seen them motivate others. Magnetic Thermocharts are unique in that they can dramatize your numbers and progress, and make all of your hard work stand out even more.
  10. On Call Board – Plenty of work environments out there have On Call shifts, with hospitals being one example. With an On Call Board, you can add names, contact information, and available 'on call' times for employees from within your company. With that said, in the event that an extra person is needed for a particular shift, the information is right in front of you, and most importantly, is properly organized.
  11. Production Efficiency-Tracker Scoreboard – How efficient has your team been on a project? This is another organizational chart that I have used personally in my career, and it's a fantastic way to track elements like production tracking, production issues, and goals and performance figures. This Production Efficiency-Tracker Scoreboard is a necessity for any business.

And there you have it. Have you used any of the above types of organizational charts to help ensure more efficient structure and organization at your company? Do you have any other great ideas? If so, be sure to let me know in the comments below!

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