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Dry Erase Board Games for the Classroom

Mon Nov 25 2013
It's no secret that many students may find reading from a textbook dry and boring. This is why it's up to their teachers to make the classroom more fun and engaging while still proving to be educational and informative.Teaching games can be a great learning experience for students of all ages and in all subjects to create an interactive environment for both teachers and students to have fun while learning and to better retain all of the information. The children can benefit from dry erase board games and other educational exercises not only by learning through enjoyable means, but they will also have a better understanding of team work and communication with their peers, more respect towards their teachers, and ultimately, a better appreciation for learning and the pursuit of knowledge. Below you will find a list of resources that includes: games to be played using a whiteboard covering a variety of subjects, how to take care of a whiteboard, other classroom activities to promote education and fun, and how students and others can benefit from using a white board.

Practice learning English the fun way.
Develop friendships and trust between classmates to make class more fun.
Learning music theory without a textbook.
A fun game where you pit two teams against each other to pop the balloon.
Getting a few small whiteboards can provide many fun opportunities for kids! Let their imaginations run wild.
Whiteboards are great learning tools for students of all ages since they promote creativity and teamwork.
A good resource for whiteboards, including games and tips for cleaning them.
Using whiteboards can promote student collaboration, teamwork, and communication.
Play soccer using a whiteboard – correct answers move the ball towards the other team, and you get penalized for not raising your hand.
Improving memorization through white board games. 
Many fun classroom games with tons of variety.
Help younger kids be better at spelling, making new sentences, and learning new words when using a magnetic whiteboard.
Aside from learning language and math, students of all ages can learn better brainstorming and chore chart organization skills.
Variety of classroom games including really fun options when using a whiteboard.
There are many benefits to using whiteboards in the classroom, such as conserving scrap paper and avoiding a mess.
Students learn the most when they're engaged and active in the classroom. Playing games and planning activities will keep their brains going!
Make sure you keep your boards clean and organized. Try using different color markers as well as magnets to give the board some personality.
How to measure success when using whiteboards and teaching games, and why they should be used as a supplement to classroom learning.

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