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How Whiteboards Help Visual Learners

Thu Jul 24 2014
There are three main types of learning styles, and while the majority of people will learn through a combination of the three, everyone is unique in their own way. There are auditory learners, people who learn better when having something explained to them, as opposed to having to read about it. There are also kinesthetic learners, who learn best through a "hands-on" approach, with writing things down as an example. Lastly, there are visual learners, which we'll be focusing on with this post.

Visual learners are those who process information and learn the best by seeing things play out in front of them. Whether it's through reading, watching a presentation, or looking at charts, for example, visual learners pick up the most information by seeing things happen. With that said, whether it's in the classroom or the office, whiteboards aren't just useful for unique presentations, but they're very effective for the visual learners in the room.

Here are some effective ways that whiteboards can really help visual learners.
  • Tracking Progress: One way that whiteboards can benefit visual learners is through things like project tracking whiteboard systems. With this, those in the room can see where individuals and the company as a whole stand with specific projects, including the start date, due date, who has been assigned to the project, and more. With the information laid out like this, it's very friendly to those who learn best in a visual sense.
  • Map It All Out: Does it get more visual than a map? With a dry-erase whiteboard map, the sky is the limit, as these are especially useful for companies that may have locations all over the country or ship products to different parts of North America, for example. With this type of whiteboard, visual learners will appreciate seeing things on a big, detailed scale.
  • Colorful Learning: One thing that is often essential for the visual type of learner is colors. There are many types of whiteboards that incorporate many colors, including an open-column magnetic whiteboard. With this, those sitting in on a presentation will see everything put out in front of them in an organized, colorful, and fun manner. With open columns, the possibilities are endless, as one can divide the columns up as different projects or days of the week to keep everything on track, for example.
  • Charts, Charts, Charts: All types of learners can appreciate charts, if only for the fact that they keep everything organized, but they're especially great for visual learners. Performance Percentage Tracker whiteboards are especially useful in this way, as employees can see where they stand in terms of project progress, which can also teach them where and how they can improve.

What type of learning style best resonates with you? Whether you learn best through the visual, auditory, or kinesthetic style, give these types of whiteboards a shot if you haven't already! Through charts, colors, visual organization, and more, whiteboards are truly effective for visual learners. Not only that, but they're different and can be more fun than the traditional slide presentation!

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