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Importance of Tracking & Scheduling Training in the Workplace

Importance of Tracking & Scheduling Training in the Workplace

Thu Oct 2 2014
In order for a production facility to perform up to its full potential, every employee needs to know what they have to do, where they have to be and the progress that needs to be made within the time allotted to meet goals and expectations.

Using Whiteboards to Streamline Training Processes
You could say that whiteboard systems are a critical part of the faculty, as it can be organized to schedule, manage and train. Yes, train - often an overlooked aspect of manufacturing, it can also be optimized to give everyone a clear, concise picture of the training program that you're implementing. Having a set visual system to clearly define qualifications is an essential tool for communication and improving efficiency in the workplace.  Once properly implemented it can be a key source for feedback, communication and relevant discussion to promote continuous learning among employees.

In addition, law and regulations require the need for proper training.  Failure to properly train employees can result in costly liability issues. Either through formal classroom training, OJT, seminar style at home or away, magnetic whiteboard training systems give everyone involved a concise picture of your training program. One look at one of these boards will tell you who is qualified, available and properly trained for each job you need to fill, helping eliminate the possibility of costly mistakes.
An additional benefit is that these boards can be organized in such a simple, yet effective way - saving managers hours of time of paging through reports and other paperwork to see where certain employees fit in. It's truly an ongoing view of what exactly is happening.

"I can't say enough good things about this board," says one Fort Myers, FL-based operations manager. "It is extremely easy to use and quick to update. We set it on the floor so everyone can see and know where each worker is qualified to be. If they see someone needs help, then they do so and don't have to wait around to be told where they can go. Everyone really takes pride in the number of magnet dots they have on the board, so we've tied this system into our yearly performance reviews. A yellow magnet dot means you've been trained in that job within the past year. If you don't have enough, it shows you're not doing enough to be part of our team."

Motivational Impact of Visual Training Boards
These color-coded magnetic whiteboards can also have a motivating effect as well. For instance, if a certain employee isn't living up to expectations or isn't on schedule, it can be reflected on the board, which is then open for everyone to see.

"I'm very happy with the board," says a Carlsbad, New Mexico-based Administrative Support Supervisor. "We keep it on display in our conference room, so everyone can always see where they're qualified. It gets the most attention during our monthly meetings when we review where everyone is at. Once you've completed all of your requirements for that month, you get a green magnet. If you're behind schedule, or don't meet standards for that month, you get a red magnet. Nobody wants to be the only one with a red dot! Every time we put one up there, it is amazing to see how quickly they work to get it off."
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