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Our Favorite Custom Whiteboards of 2017

Our Favorite Custom Whiteboards of 2017

Fri Oct 20 2017
One element of our manufacturing process that helps make Magnatag whiteboards stand out from the rest of the competition is our ability to customize any whiteboard to your liking. Whether you're looking to include a company logo, create a one-of-a-kind chart, or map a specific area on a dry erase board, our team of visual systems specialists can get it done. With 2018 just around the corner, we're revisiting some of our favorite custom whiteboards we've manufactured this past year.

It’s safe to say that if you’re a Magnatag customer, you have a vested interest in visual management. For our manufacturing customers in particular, this comes as part of a continuing drive to incorporate lean manufacturing principals into a factory’s culture. We developed this custom solution to help a Florida-based manufacturing company track and manage their 6S housekeeping method across three separate shifts. Each day of the week has been split into three separate columns, with each representing the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd shift respectfully. Daily housekeeping chores are listed along the left-hand side of the board, with workers expected to complete each task once per shift. With the help of this visual management whiteboard, equipment operators are reminded of their responsibilities and held accountable for their completion.

This board is unlike anything you’ll find on our website. Developed for the coach of a high school baseball team, this board was designed to strategize in-game scenarios directly from the dugout. Prior to contacting Magnatag, the coaches were having a difficult time making adjustments to their game plan in-between innings; there wasn’t a tool in place to help quickly communicate position assignments to the entirety of the roster. “We’re super happy with the board. The color is great, the printing is nice and clean— it’s already making a huge impact on how we approach our game plan both before, after and during a game.”

This next board may remind you of one of our more traditional whiteboard systems—and for good reason. This board was developed after one elevator repair company discovered our line of maintenance tracking whiteboard systems. The company was looking for a system that could help identify when an elevator was shutdown, why it was shutdown, and the mechanics and supervisors that were responsible for remedying the situation. The company loved the idea behind our maintenance trackers but felt as if they needed a system that was more in line with their day-to-day operating procedures. Using our Repairs Schedule whiteboard system as a blueprint and the guidance of our Visual Systems Specialists, the company’s maintenance team was able to create a customized solution that included all the tracking information that management needed.

Sometimes finding a tool to motivate your employees requires a bit of creativity from management to get the ball rolling. This whiteboard was designed as a creative way to remind employees at an Ohio-based automotive manufacturer about the environmental impact of an unresponsive auto-part. At its core, the board functions as a basic KPI tracker, indicating when a defective part has been manufactured against company and industry standards. However, rather than attribute a plain number to the problem, the company elected to bring a bit of personality to their tracking metrics. Each leaf represents a specific day of the month and is to be colored in after each shift to highlight any performance issues. The board helps reinforce the idea that defective products can have an impact on the environment and encourages machine operators to be conscious of their performance.

Not all of our customers are using our whiteboards for tracking purposes; some just want to visualize what’s happening. In the case of this whiteboard, we prepared for a California construction company, they wanted to map the entirety of their building efforts spread throughout the Los Angles Area. Using a collection of Magnatag’s own magnets, the company plotted sites for both current and future promises. “We have our map hanging up in our front office. All of our visitors can walk into our building and get an overview of the entire scope of our operations.”
Large or small; color or black and white; our design and manufacturing teams are standing by to help create the perfect whiteboard for you. Contact us directly at 800 624 4154 or email us at sales@magantag.com.

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