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Setting the Right Kind of Manufacturing Goals

Setting the Right Kind of Manufacturing Goals

Wed Aug 13 2014
By having goals, you ensure that any process, especially in manufacturing, runs soundly and effectively. Also, it's important to remember that all of this is a team effort, so keep that in mind. Be sure to map out a plan and your goals, analyze them, and communicate them all with your team. Here are some of the various types of goals that you should have in regards to the manufacturing floor at your company.
  1. Performance Goals: You always should strive to be the best, because in business, that's the mindset that you need to take with you. In manufacturing, it's no different. Have an advantage over the competition by having a better plan. To do this, take a look at everything individually and set performance goals for each piece of the process. Also, set quotas not only on the operation as a whole but on the individuals working on the manufacturing floor. This will help to give each member of the team a little bit of added motivation.
  2. Production Goals: On the manufacturing floor, there is a typically a high output of products, and understandably so. To ensure that there are high delivery rates with short output times, it's vital that there is proper planning and production scheduling. It's never been easier to keep track of production than with various whiteboards to help you keep everything under control. Not only that, but things associated with production can cause stress and become hectic at times, so it's good to keep these things under control.
  3. Distribution Goals: This is another important set of goals to consider because once everything has been produced, there needs to be an effective plan to get everything out to your consumer base. One goal to consider here for effective manufacturing is to minimize inventory levels and carrying costs and incorporate a low delivery delay.

Move the heart of your decision making from the office to factory floor. Sharing information with employees involved with day to day operations empowers them to make a difference and set goals that are not only important to the employees but to the company.
Do you work on the manufacturing floor at your company, or have you ever taken a look at it? If so, what are some of the goals associated with this where you work? We want to hear from you in the comments below.

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